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The Katie Scene On The Bold And The Beautiful That Went Too Far

The CBS daytime soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful" has been attracting fans on weekday afternoons for over three decades, which is no small feat for any show. At the same time, one should never underestimate the power of storylines that involve passionate affairs, paternity drama, and erectile dysfunction wield over viewers. In many ways, those who tune into the long-running series know what to expect from it, but the drama that unfolds is so engaging, riveting, and scandalous that fans always want to know what's going to happen next.

Katie Logan has been a key character in "The Bold and the Beautiful" since 1987. Originally portrayed by Nancy Sloan, she is currently brought to life by Heather Tom, an Emmy winner who took over from her predecessor in 2007 (per Soap Central). Throughout the course of Katie's tenure in the soap opera, she has endured heart transplants, near-death experiences, and family troubles. Needless to say, she's lived a fairly eventful life, but which scene went too far for fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful"?

Katie and Wyatt's relationship disgusted some fans of The Bold and the Beautiful

Sparks started flying between Katie and Wyatt (Darin Brooks) when they began working together at a PR firm. An affair subsequently ensued, much to the ire of some of the more opinionated "The Bold and Beautiful" fans online. Despite the couple receiving the adorable nickname of #watie on social media, the storyline was met with instant polarizing from the show's base as they used to be stepmother and stepson. While the steamy affair wasn't illegal per se, some viewers deemed it icky and inappropriate.

For some fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful," the duo's lovemaking scenes were hard to endure for multiple reasons. On one hand, there is the incestuous element and the vast age difference between the pair. "I fast forward all their gross slobbering scenes," wrote Soaps.com user BieberFan. These sentiments were echoed by Valentine14, who described their smooching sessions as "gross."

Elsewhere, some fans highlighted how Wyatt and Katie's sexy scenes were emblematic of a broader "cross-pollination" issue that's hampered "The Bold and the Beautiful" for decades. According to SnuckieMama, the creators need to "[h]ire some more actors/actresses instead of passing the same ones around to each other."