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The Big Hero 6 Easter Egg In Ralph Breaks The Internet Only Adults Will Notice

"Wreck-It Ralph" involves the story of a video game villain who decides he doesn't want to be the villain anymore. In the process, he learns how to be a good friend and care for those who have come to depend on him. With "Ralph Breaks the Internet," he has to learn to overcome being entirely dependent on his new friends. The internet is a big place for Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) to venture into, and while Vanellope wants to see everything it has to offer, Ralph just wants to go back home and live the life he's become accustomed to. 

Learning to let go of the people you love is a heartwarming message that feels right at home in a Disney movie. However, as audiences know all too well, creators have been known to stick plenty of adult-oriented references into children's films from time to time. And if you look closely at one moment in "Ralph Breaks the Internet," you'll find one of these sly jokes that also references another Disney animated classic.

Aunt Cass has a sneaky appearance in Ralph Breaks the Internet

When Ralph and Vanellope visit eBay, they're promptly bombarded by pop-up ads. They're directed to links to burn belly fat and see what child stars are up to these days. However, there's one ad with an intriguing Easter egg that only eagle-eyed fans would likely notice.

While you have to pause at the right moment and squint carefully, one of the pop-ups holds up an ad about "sassy housewives" who want to meet you. Right there on the front of the ad is one of the said housewives, and if you look carefully, it's clearly Aunt Cass (Maya Rudolph) from "Big Hero 6." Her inclusion in "Ralph Breaks the Internet" certainly makes sense seeing how much the internet ... well, liked her in the aftermath of the film. 

Redditors put it best. On a thread detailing the Easter egg, plenty of commenters chimed in to voice their support of Aunt Cass getting more screentime, with one user noting, "She was needlessly hot." Does this mean that Aunt Cass was a model for some naughty websites in the Disney universe? Perhaps this is one Easter egg that's best if not ruminated on.