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31% Of People Agree That This Terminator 2 Scene Went Too Far

When "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" hit theaters in 1991, the science fiction film redefined the concept of a sequel. James Cameron, who directed and co-wrote the first two films in the franchise, took the nearly unstoppable villain from "The Terminator" and asked the viewing audience to accept him as the sequel's hero. That gamble paid off with a box office haul that far surpassed that of the original film (via Box Office Mojo).

Decades later, the film is now viewed as a classic of American cinema — and one of the few instances in which a sequel exceeded the quality of the original. The film features dialogue that immediately burned its way into viewers' memories. Just as "I'll be back" entered the pop culture vernacular after the first film, the sequel provided the just-as-addictive "hasta la vista, baby." More than 30 years later, the over-the-top chases and bombastic gunfights still thrill. Looper conducted a survey of 584 people around the country and asked them which scene in "T2" went too far.

A high-stakes chase and an explosive death

In fifth place, with only 12% of the vote, is the highway chase scene, occurring about 30 minutes into the film. With the shape-shifting T-1000 (Robert Patrick) in hot pursuit, John Connor (Edward Furlong) hops on his dirt bike and makes a run for it. What follows is a breakneck chase with the T-1000 plowing through Los Angeles behind the wheel of a massive tow truck while Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator attacks with his motorcycle.

Poll-takers showed mild disdain for the destruction of Miles Dyson's (Joe Morton) lab at Cyberdyne Systems, which captured just 14% of the vote and landed in fourth place. Knowing that Dyson's research would lead to the creation of Skynet, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), John, the Terminator, and Dyson lead an attack on the facility, rigging it with explosives. When Dyson is mortally wounded in a shoot-out, he allows the others to escape while he remains behind to trigger the detonator. The camera is tight on Dyson's face as he takes his last gasps of air before dying and triggering the explosion.

A daring stunt and a birthday suit

In third place, with 16% of the vote, is another of the film's pulse-pounding chase scenes. Upping the ante from the earlier tow truck vs. motorcycle showdown, the T-1000 hijacks a police helicopter and hunts the surviving trio as they attempt an escape in a stolen police van. Sarah and the T-1000 exchange automatic weapons fire before the Terminator slams on the brakes, causing the copter to burst into flames as it collides with the rear of the van. The chase involves one of the film's more memorable stunts, which sees the helicopter fly under an overpass.

One of the film's earliest scenes snags the No. 2 spot with 27% of the vote. As viewers learn in the original movie, Terminators who are sent back in time reach their destination naked. In "T2," Schwarzenegger's T-800 arrives in 1995 sans clothes, though this go-around has him "shopping" at a biker bar. The bearded and leather-clad patrons can't help but stare as the T-800 walks into the bar, making no effort to conceal his nudity. It was a comedic scene that likely got some viewers' pulses racing as much as the chase scenes.

A really bad dream...

Snagging the honor of first place, with 31% of the vote, is Sarah Connor's dream. Sometime after the events of the original film, Sarah was institutionalized in a mental hospital. Toward the middle of the movie, John and the T-800 break Sarah out of the hospital and head to the desert to gather arms. As she watches a family with a young child interact, Sarah dozes at a picnic table.

Once asleep, Sarah dreams of a small playground filled with children and their parents. Sarah approaches the fence around the playground, silently screaming for everyone to run. Amid the crowd, she sees a younger version of herself playing with John as a toddler. Despite the idyllic scene, the real Sarah bangs on the fence, though no one seems to notice her. After a blinding white flash, the distant skyline reveals a massive mushroom cloud. The fallout takes but seconds to reach the playground, burning every man, woman, and child to cinders. The dream then shifts to the city, which shows the nuclear bomb's devastation, before shifting back to the playground and the disintegration of everyone's bodies. Given the carnage depicted, it's clear why voters chose this scene as the one that went too far.