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The What We Do In The Shadows Scene That Went Too Far

"What We Do in the Shadows" was one of the best horror comedies to come out in recent memory, so it should've come as no surprise to see it inspire one of the best flat-out comedies on television in recent years. The FX series "What We Do in the Shadows" picks up on a different group of vampires living together in Staten Island and trying to find their way in a world that has moved beyond them. 

The show has inspired plenty of classic bits that will keep you laughing no matter how many times you watch it. From the main group of vampires celebrating the Superb Owl (instead of the Super Bowl) to Laszlo Cravensworth (Matt Berry) assuming the identity of popular barkeep Jackie Daytona, there's no shortage of gags you'll constantly reference in real life. 

However, no TV show is perfect. There are always bound to be at least a couple of jokes that fall flat, and despite how nearly immaculate "What We Do in the Shadows" is, it definitely has some inferior moments, according to fans. Throughout the show's run, there's one bit, in particular, that gives some fans a definite sense of the "ick."

Fans hated Colin Robinson's obsession with poop

Unlike the other traditional vampires on the show, Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) is an energy vampire. Instead of sucking blood, he drains his victims' life force by boring or agitating them. Perhaps he wanted to upset the camera crew and audience watching during a Season 3 bit where he suddenly becomes transfixed with fecal matter. In Season 3, Episode 1, Colin happily volunteers to collect and sift through Guillermo's (Harvey Guillén) waste. It's not the last time he makes jokes at the expense of poop, and for some fans, it was a step too far for the energy vampire. 

Many fans took to Reddit to voice their displeasure at the jokes, including u/iiRoyales, who wrote, "I feel like [Colin's] taken a very weird turn this season, and is constantly making poop and fart jokes and it's just not clicking with us." Others commented underneath to express how even though they enjoy the show for the most part, that joke came across as weird. One user chimed in, "I enjoyed the first episode except for the poop part. I kept thinking what is going on." Elsewhere on the site, u/atowerofcats stated, "The whole sifting through Guillermo's poop stuff was majorly unfunny."

"What We Do in the Shadows" offers jokes at a mile a minute. Some are bound to miss the mark every now and then, but overall, it's clear the series has plenty of life left in it.