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98% Of Pam & Tommy Is A Lie According To Former Band Member

Since its announcement, Hulu's biopic "Pam & Tommy" has been wrapped up in controversy. The series depicts a more idealistic time in the mid '90s when celebrity sex tapes were not as frequent as they have come to be. This caused a perfect storm for Pamela Anderson (played by Lily James) and Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan), when their private honeymoon video was stolen from their home. Many have come out against even the idea of such a series portraying this story. The notorious singer for the grunge band Hole, Courtney Love, defended Anderson's right to privacy: "My heart goes out to Pammy further causing her complex trauma," she said in a statement (via USA Today).

Love's statement refers to how Anderson was treated by the press at the time. She was publicly shamed by many outlets, and according to Entertainment Weekly, she refuses to ever watch the show. The new Hulu series is from "I, Tonya" director Craig Gillespie, who was also criticized for his sympathetic portrayal of Tonya Harding in his previous film (via The Oregonian).

In addition to these factors, there is one former band member that has some strong opinions about Lee's portrayal in "Pam & Tommy."

John Corabi used to be a singer for Mötley Crüe

Formed in 1981, Mötley Crüe was a hair metal band that quickly became known for their antics. One of their most famous anecdotes is the time Ozzy Osbourne snorted a line of ants, which is detailed in the band's memoir and film of the same name, "The Dirt" (via Vanity Fair). What may be lesser-known is the brief period of time when frontman Vince Neil left the band, which is not portrayed in "Pam & Tommy." In 1992, Neil was replaced with John Corabi, who performed with the band for five years (via Loudwire).

Corabi sang on the band's self-titled album in 1994, but did not continue when Neil returned for the comeback album in 1997. For Sebastian Stan's transformation into Tommy Lee, the actor reached out, and Lee officially gave his blessing to "Pam & Tommy." Despite this, Corabi does not agree with how Lee is portrayed in the limited series. In a powerful statement on his social media, Corabi defended many players who this real-life story touched.

Corabi defended Tommy Lee

On his Twitter account, Corabi published a lengthy statement in defense of the real-life people who were involved in the story behind "Pam & Tommy." The singer was adamant that the character of Lee in the show is a work of fiction, and not relevant to reality. "I shared 5 years of my life with Tommy," Corabi wrote in his statement. "And although at times it was INSANITY it's sooooo overblown." The singer went on to explain that these events were sensationalized for what "they call tv entertainment."

In the show, Lee is often demonstrated as being outrageous and oftentimes cruel. The main catalyst for the aforementioned break-in and subsequent theft of Anderson and Lee's sex tape was because of Lee's treatment of his former carpenter Rand Gauthier. Gauthier expected to be paid for materials and to retrieve his tools from Lee's property. Instead, Lee met him with a shotgun and refused to pay him. Later in the series, Anderson is shocked to hear that Lee refused to pay for services rendered.

Corabi's defense isn't just extended to Lee. There is another significant person who he goes to the mat for.

Pamela Anderson is still hurt by this time in her life

Pamela Anderson was a sad footnote at the time of this scandal. As portrayed in "Pam & Tommy," Anderson had to face the brunt of abuse from comedians like Jay Leno, while Lee was often let off easily from the limelight. Corabi has come to her defense in light of this trauma, too. "Apparently HULU, and all involved in this crock of s*** don't care about how Pam may feel to have to relive this," he wrote on Twitter. His concern also extended to Anderson and Lee's two sons who they continue to co-parent, despite the end of their marriage (via Showbiz CheatSheet).

There are elements of Anderson's life that are not in Corabi's statement and are entirely glossed over in "Pam & Tommy" as well. As Showbiz CheatSheet states, the couple briefly reconciled after Lee's spent time in prison due to spousal abuse. The Hulu series mentions the domestic violence in Anderson and Lee's relationship briefly in the end credits, but did not make that a priority in the series, nor did Corabi mention it in his Twitter post.

Anderson has been through many trials because of this time in her life, and continues to stick by her decision not to be involved with the show (via Decider).