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The Dark Tower Teases Connections To Other Stephen King Stories

The Dark Tower book series is a sprawling epic set in a massive world created by Stephen King. But a new promo for the upcoming movie adaptation reminds us that that the author is also behind many more worlds.

In the video (above) The Dark Tower star Idris Elba narrates a journey through some of those worlds, including The Shining, It, and Carrie. "There are other worlds than these," Elba says. "Worlds where a boy shines against the dark, where everyone floats, down below, where revenge is drenched in blood and fire and no one dares to laugh, where lives are locked up with undying hope, worlds that have moved on, and worlds that have not. They all begin and end here. The Dark Tower."

Does it mean anything when it comes to the narrative of The Dark Tower? Or is it just a fun reminder that it comes from the mind of Stephen King? Fans know that there's a connectivity that runs through all of his works, but we've got a feeling it's probably the latter. Either way, it's always good to hear Elba speak. 

The Dark Tower, directed by Nikolaj Arcel and co-starring Matthew McConaughey, opens Aug. 4. Meanwhile, learn more about the upcoming Hulu series Castle Rock, based on King's universe.