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The Vigilante Detail That Peacemaker Fans Can't Help But Love

In a world populated by the likes of Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, Batman, and Wonder Woman, it can be hard to stand out. However, with a little James Gunn flair, HBO Max's "Peacemaker" has established itself as a rather unique entry into the DC Extended Universe. Starring John Cena, Freddie Stroma, Danielle Brooks, Jennifer Holland, and Steve Agee, "Peacemaker" follows the brutal titular anti-hero (Cena) that was introduced in "The Suicide Squad," but this time, he has to attend to an entirely different alien invasion.

Joining Peacemaker in the series is a lovable monster known as Vigilante (Stroma), who manages to be both completely callous towards human life and endearingly naïve at the same time. After all, this is the man who caught Peacemaker privately crying, and then believed him when he said the tears were nothing more than a facial muscle exercise. Vigilante himself lacks any sort of known superpowers, and instead, is proficient in firearms and martial arts. This doesn't stop fans from enjoying the character's screen time, and one aspect is certainly earning Vigilante the adoration of some.

Fans love Vigilante shrugging off mortal wounds

During a discussion of the episode "It's Cow Or Never," Redditor u/Werewulf_Bar_Mitzvah kicked off the conversation by saying, "Loving the developing running gag of Vigilante getting seemingly mortally wounded only to sleep it off in the span of about 10 minutes." They were referring to several scenes throughout the series of the character taking seemingly fatal damage — like in the episode "Stop Dragon My Heart Around" when he receives a body armor-shredding hit from a grenade — only to appear not completely dead or in need of immediate hospitalization afterward. Other fans jumped in to agree. Redditor u/DJJohnneyQuest chimed in to recall, "The way he just yeeted himself out of that window," while u/RebelDeux offered, "I thought that he was possessed by a butterfly because it was so sudden and also the jump out of the window."

Meanwhile, u/thatchicagogirl offered a theory to help explain Vigilante's seemingly implausible recoveries: "Honestly convinced he's an illegitimate son of Wolverine. Yes I know they're different universes." That could be, but u/TrapperJean had a different theory of their own. Citing Vigilante's confusion that other people don't also have the ability to snooze for 10 minutes and wake up feeling fine, they posited, "I genuinely wonder if he actually has a healing power that he's just too oblivious to realize ..."

And u/Trebory6 had a slightly more grounded theory to share. They stated, "My head canon is that vigilante isn't just OK, he's a sociopath who doesn't understand why a lot of pain would stop someone from just trying to act normal. So here vigilante is in excruciating pain, but he doesn't give a s*** until his wounds literally have him pass out."