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Charlie Cox Reveals The Daredevil Easter Egg In No Way Home Fans Never Saw

By now, all the secrets are out. Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures' latest blockbuster film, "Spider-Man: No Way Home," is absolutely packed to the gills with surprise cameos and guest stars from across the titular superhero's past, ranging all the way from Tom Hardy's Venom to Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as the previous two incarnations of Spider-Man. Perhaps the most surprising cameo of all, however, is when Charlie Cox's beloved version of Daredevil makes his triumphant return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to help Tom Holland's version of the web-head with his legal troubles.

Cox appears in just one scene of the movie as Daredevil's alter ego, the blind lawyer Matt Murdock. Murdock informs Peter Parker and his family that he's handily taken care of the criminal charges pressed against them, before he effortlessly catches a brick thrown at the young hero through their apartment window. It's an awesome sequence for fans of Cox's version of the character from the original "Daredevil" Netflix series, as well as a strong implication that his time as the character is far from over. But as it turns out, there was originally another small Daredevil-related Easter egg hidden in the scene that didn't make it into the theatrical cut of the movie.

There was originally a reference to Daredevil's longtime partner

Fans of the "Daredevil" TV series will likely remember Murdock's legal partner and best friend Foggy Nelson, portrayed by Elden Henson. While it may not be Henson's incarnation, Cox's cameo in "No Way Home" actually sees his version of Murdock reunite with a version of Nelson.

Matt Murdock's history on the silver screen began in 2003 with the film "Daredevil," in which the character is played by Ben Affleck. The Nelson of this movie is portrayed by Jon Favreau, who modern audiences know as the MCU's Happy Hogan. Since Hogan appears in the crucial "No Way Home" scene with Cox, it's something of a quasi-reunion for Murdock and Nelson — and one that was originally going to have a more direct reference in the dialogue.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cox recalled that he and Favreau wanted to hide a small reference to the latter's history with the Daredevil mythos. "I don't think they used it, but we added a little Easter egg where he goes, 'Yeah, I'm a little foggy on how that happened,' or something," Cox said in the interview. While the line wasn't included in the final version of the film, it was still a great moment to see two very important figures in the live-action history of Daredevil share the screen in this way. Only time will tell whether these two characters cross paths again in the MCU's future.