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The Twilight Line Fans Thought Was Way Too Cringey

The "Twilight Saga"  is perhaps one of the most well-known young adult franchises out there. Based on Stephenie Meyer's best-selling novels, the "Twilight" movies were big box office success stories, with the franchise grossing an astounding $3.3 billion across five films (per The Numbers). Unfortunately, the films were never all that popular with critics, with the highest rated entries in the series, the original "Twilight" and "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2," only garnering a 49% on Rotten Tomatoes each.

Still, for the most part, fans of the books and the non-book readers who were drawn in by the movies' mix of fantasy action and vampire-centered romance have a lot of love for the franchise. However, nothing is ever going to be perfect, especially when it comes to movie adaptations of popular books. With that in mind, there's one particular part of the original "Twilight" movie that some fans found to be incredibly cringey.

Twilight fans get a laugh out of Bella's feelings toward the rain

Over on the r/twilight subreddit, u/Decent-Detective-339 asked fans to post what they believed to be the cringiest lines of dialogue in "Twilight." One of the more upvoted responses came from u/Key-Ad-165, who suggested a particular Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) line delivery from early in the first film. When Bella is having her first proper conversation with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) during science class, he asks her how she likes the rain. Instead of a simple answer, Bella rather dramatically responds, "I don't really like the rain. Any cold, wet thing — I don't really ..."

A number of users knew exactly what u/Key-Ad-165 was talking about. Redditor u/Needednewusername agreed, saying, "I went through every cringey second again with this comment. Lol her breathing was so weird!" In fact, the line is so notoriously cringe for some that even seeing it written out with commentors riffing on the inflections was enough to induce laughter. Redditor u/pumpkinsoupxo said, "Bruh im holding my sleeping baby and I've never tried so hard to hold in a laugh."

A number of other lines infamous among the fanbase also got some love. In another heavily upvoted comment, u/FearlessSwift suggested the line from Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), "Where the hell have you been, loca?" Meanwhile, u/bois_jacques believed that Edward Cullen's line during the scene where he's revealing his vampiric nature to Bella — "This is the skin of a killer." — deserved the recognition. 

Basically, while the movies are beloved among the fanbase, it seems that many Twihards are just as comfortable making fun of certain aspects of the films as they are loving them.