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Netflix's Black Crab Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

Climate-based and post-apocalyptic properties continue to be the subject of fascination for viewers. Though "The Walking Dead" is ending its final season this year, series with end-times subject matter continue to be released, like with "The Last of Us" and "Station Eleven." This post-apocalyptic vision is in line with Netflix's upcoming film "Black Crab." 

The new movie hails from Sweden and is adapted from the novel by Jerker Virdborg (via Slash Film). The book is an action-thriller that throws up a mirror to society in regards to fear about climate change. Swedish magazine Vi awarded Virdborg's book the Literature Prize (via Hedlund Literary Agency). It has since gone on to be translated into a multitude of languages.

Directing the film is Adam Berg, a music video director who will be embarking on his feature film directorial debut with "Black Crab" (via Deadline). With the intense movie set to be released soon, here is everything to know about the action-thriller before it hits Netflix.

It isn't long before Black Crab's premiere

Berg is not only directing "Black Crab," but has a few other responsibilities as well, aiding Pelle Rådström in adapting the book for screen. He is also an executive producer on the film alongside well-known Swedish actor Noomi Rapace. Rapace is an internationally known actor who is a familiar face in Netflix properties, starring in the 2017 sci-fi film "What Happened To Monday." Now she has returned to her native country of Sweden for the production of "Black Crab'." 

"Black Crab" was originally announced back in 2020, with Deadline reporting that it would be going into production in Sweden in 2021. Now, over a year and a half later, "Black Crab" has a release date. Fans can tune into the apocalyptic Netflix drama when the film starts streaming on March 18, 2022. The movie will be coming out around the same time as other highly anticipated Netflix projects like "The Adam Project" and the crime thriller "Windfall." 

Noomi Rapace returns to Sweden in Black Crab

With the large cast that it has, "Black Crab" has employed a number of recognizable actors. Noomi Rapace is known internationally for her role in the original Swedish "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" film trilogy. The movies became a phenomenon after being adapted from the series of Stieg Larsson's bestselling books (via Rolling Stone). She portrayed Lisbeth Salander, a misanthrope who becomes embroiled in a conspiracy surrounding a wealthy family. Rapace has gone on to star in large budget American films such as the Ridley Scott movie "Prometheus" and the recent indie horror film "Lamb." Now, she's starring in "Black Crab" as Caroline Edh, who Netflix describes as a "speed skater turned soldier." 

Also starring in the film is Jakob Oftebro, who appeared in the Michael Fassbender vehicle "The Snowman." The cast of "Black Crab" is filled out by Dar Salim, Aliette Opheim, Cecilia Säverman, Ardalan Esmaili, Martin Hendrikse, and more (via IMDb). Salim may be most recognizable to American audiences for appearing in "Game of Thrones" as Qotho. Qotho is one of Khal Drogo's (Jason Momoa) bloodriders who refuses to accept Daenerys' (Emilia Clarke) status after Drogo's death. There are no additional character names available as of yet, but all will unite in "Black Crab" for a common goal.

Black Crab questions what it takes to survive

"Black Crab" will be following Virdborg's source material in the film adaptation. Noomi Rapace and her costars are playing characters living in a high-risk world. In this reality, the world has been destroyed due to war and a desolate landscape ravaged by cold. In a bid to resolve the war, Caroline (Rapace) must embark on a trek across the frozen archipelago along with her team. She and these additional soldiers aim to deliver a package that has the potential to end the strife.

As with most post-apocalyptic subject matter, the soldiers must confront the reality of their situation and find out what it takes to survive. Director Adam Berg states that hope is an important element in the bleak story, explaining that "[The characters] will make us feel the brutality of war, the importance of hope in a hopeless world and the hard price you have to pay for survival. They will bring a beautiful humanity to the cold harsh world that is the 'Black Crab.'" (via Collider). Audiences can find out the price the characters must pay for survival when "Black Crab" airs in March.