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The Major Props Daniel Radcliffe Took From The Set Of Harry Potter

Some of the most intriguing items in moviemaking are props. While the average prop might be as mundane as an everyday item, they still fill an important role in the filmmaking process. On top of that, more unique props often become iconic items of fiction. There's not a soul in Hollywood and beyond who wouldn't recognize Luke Skywalker's lightsaber or Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

Generally speaking, it's the more fantasy-driven props that catch the audience's eyes. We already mentioned examples from "Star Wars" and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, one of the greatest prop-generating franchises in movie history is none other than "Harry Potter." With so many magical doodads and gizmos, there's no shortage of odd or interesting props from those films.

This, of course, begs the obvious question: Did any of the film's stars take those props home? Well, in the case of Daniel Radcliffe, who portrayed the eponymous Harry Potter in all eight films, the answer is yes. The actor actually took several major props from the set of "Harry Potter."

Daniel Radcliffe keeps a severed arm in his parents' attic

Daniel Radcliffe revealed the numerous props that he has snagged from "Harry Potter" sets over the years during an interview with BBC Radio 1. He names several iconic items, including Harry Potter's trademark round spectacles (of which he has multiple pairs). However, he's also kept around a few more eccentric items.

"I've got a bunch of stuff from 'Potter'," Radcliffe said. "I've got actually somewhere ... in my parents' house, I guess, maybe in the attic ... a prosthetic arm that was molded for me in the scene where Harry lost all the bones in his arm. So I've got a big, floppy arm in my attic. And also a mold of my face that was taken when I was 10 or 11, which looks like a death mask."

Unfortunately, those seem to be the only items Radcliffe has taken off the set of "Harry Potter," which seems a lot like a missed opportunity. On a set filled with wands, broomsticks, Time-Turners, and Golden Snitches, Radcliffe probably could've walked off with a lot more. That being said, there are few conversation starters that could trump a flaccid rubber arm and a death mask of your 11-year-old self.