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The Vampire Diaries Episodes You Likely Didn't Know Ian Somerhalder Directed

Ian Somerhalder melted thousands of hearts thanks to his role of Damon Salvatore on "The Vampire Diaries." He appeared in all eight seasons as a vampiric force who used manipulative tactics to get his way. However, that doesn't stop him from forging a deep, burning love with Elena (Nina Dobrev) until she winds up in a deep sleep for the Season 6 ending. Fortunately, she manages to wake up for the series finale, reuniting the two lovers at last. 

It's a powerful arc and one that endeared Somerhalder to countless fans. However, Somerhalder isn't just a pretty face. He's a man of many talents, as evidenced by the fact that he launched his own charity, called the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, which aims to protect the planet and the animals that reside on it. He's also apparently quite handy behind the camera as he is in front of it. In addition to acting for 171 episodes of "The Vampire Diaries," he also directed several of them.

Ian Somerhalder directed three episodes of The Vampire Diaries

If the whole acting thing doesn't work out for Ian Somerhalder, he could very well have a worthwhile career as a director. He got his start in the director's chair on the show that made him famous — "The Vampire Diaries." He broke out with Season 6's "The Downward Spiral." He would return to that position for two more episodes throughout the show's run, namely Season 7's "Days of Future Past" and Season 8's "We Have History Together." His experience directing on "The Vampire Diaries" would prove fortuitous as he also directed an episode of his follow-up series — "V-Wars."

But directing wasn't the only additional contribution Somerhalder made to "The Vampire Diaries." Starting with Season 8, Episode 1, the actor is officially credited as a producer on the show, as well. Again, it was experience that served him well once he moved on with his career. He's credited as an executive producer for all 10 episodes of "V-Wars."

Whatever Ian Somerhalder has coming down the pipeline next, whether it's acting or directing, you can be certain his fans from his "Vampire Diaries" days will be there to show their support.