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Deep Water Director Confirms What We Suspected About Ben Affleck And Ana De Armas' Chemistry

Erotic thrillers seem to have been a thing of the past, but the director of "Deep Water" is determined to bring them back. 

Adrian Lyne is the director of "Fatal Attraction" and "Indecent Proposal," films heavily centered around sex and how romantic relationships can turn ugly. His last film, "Unfaithful," came out two decades ago, and "Deep Water" — starring Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck — marks his big return. The two actors portray married couple Vic and Melinda Van Allen, respectively, who have become embroiled in a loveless marriage. Vic overlooks Melinda's extramarital affairs, so long as the two don't have to have a messy divorce. However this all turns for the worse when one of Melinda's lovers ends up dead.

Set to be released on Hulu, the teaser trailer establishes the chemistry between the two characters and how twisted their relationship has become. With this type of story, a visceral connection between the two characters is required. And after casting Affleck and de Armas, Lyne has reported that the two have a very interesting dynamic.

Affleck and de Armas had just the right chemistry for the role

In an interview with Empire, Lyne broke down the casting process and how important it was to get these two roles right. The director gave Affleck and de Armas a screen test in his own house because it is "more fun to do it that way." But right off the bat, their chemistry was palpable. 

"There was banter between them, [it was] flirtatious but angry," Lyne stated. This works for the film. Akin to Affleck's role in "Gone Girl," the marriage between Vic and Melinda has become a game, and not a healthy expression of love. The two characters needed to have a connection, but demonstrate how it has all gone wrong. 

This chemistry also translated into real life: Affleck and de Armas's relationship became official, off-camera as well, but the two have since called it quits. 

This subject matter is right in Lyne's wheelhouse — he has confessed he is often interested in these stories — and it'll be interesting to see what dark turn this complicated relationship takes when the movie arrives on March 18.