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Get A Sneak Peek At An Intimate Moment From Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 4 - Exclusive Clip

TNT's post-apocalyptic drama "Snowpiercer" is the second major adaptation of the French comic "Le Transperceneige," first published in its home country in the 1980s. Whereas Bong Joon-ho's prior version of "Snowpiercer" is a feature film, the ongoing TV series is telling a story over the course of multiple seasons. As a result of its length, the "Snowpiercer" show can spend considerably more time developing a large cast of characters, in opposition to the film's more economical use of its limited runtime.

"Snowpiercer" the series is currently in the midst of its third season. One ongoing plot thread set up at the end of Season 2 and continuing into Season 3 is the protagonists' search for life outside the confines of their artificial environment. Just like in its source material, "Snowpiercer" takes place predominately within a large train that houses some of the last vestiges of humanity in a world otherwise rendered uninhabitable by large-scale freezing.

In this exclusive clip provided to Looper by TNT from Episode 4 of Season 3, series lead Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) ruminates on his leadership role in deciding to route the train to an part of the world where he believes humanity may once again be able to live freely.

Layton and Zarah think about their future

At the start of this exclusive clip from "Snowpiercer" Season 3 Episode 4, a close-up shot of Zarah Ferami (Sheila Vand)'s pregnant belly, over which she joins hands with Layton, takes up the entirety of the frame. After a few successive close-up shots emphasize the intimacy of the moment, viewers see Zarah lying on a cozy rug as Layon rests against her belly, communing with both Zarah and their unborn child.

All the while, Layton describes a tree he saw in a vision that serves as the basis for the next leg of their journey. The tree supposedly exists on Africa's Arabian Peninsula, toward which their train is in the midst of heading, predicated on the fact that his vision suggests the area can sustain life in spite of the majority of the Earth freezing over.

For much of the clip, Layton simply recounts his vision in hushed tones, doubling as a sort of reassurance that he and Zarah might be able to provide their child with living conditions better than theirs. Underscoring the scene, however, are the intrusive vibrations of the train, as well as Layton voicing doubts about his vision's accuracy. In response, Zarah affirms her trust in Layton, simply asking, "What if you're right?" and suggesting that their journey is indeed toward a better future.

"Snowpiercer" Season 3 Episode 4 airs on TNT on February 14 at 9 pm EST/8 pm CT.