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Pokemon Legends: Arceus' Secret Room Might Mean More Than You Think

"Pokemon Legends: Arceus" moved the franchise closer towards a true open-world, which is filled with Alpha Pokemon, incredibly powerful attacks, and an untold number of secrets to discover. While fans of the "Pokemon" series have already found plenty of easter eggs, there is one secret room that cannot be accessed through normal means — but it could provide hints for the game's future. Since the release of "Pokemon Legends: Arceus," people have begun speculating about where the new spinoff franchise could go next, especially after the game's dramatic ending. Some fans are more sure than ever that the world of "Arceus" might be expanded soon with DLC, just like "Pokemon Sword" and "Shield."

While some decisions — like not including every Pokemon from previous generations — might point to the possibility of future "Pokemon Legends" games taking place in other regions, players think Game Freak isn't done expanding on "Pokemon Legends Arceus." The discovery of this secret room and a few other intriguing areas on the map have only fueled this speculation. Here is how this hidden room was discovered — and what it may mean for the wider story of "Pokemon Legends: Arceus."

An unused modern day room appears in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Discovered by DeepGameResearch on Twitter and shown off on YouTube by Faz Faz, it turns our there is a fully decorated modern-day room hidden within "Pokemon Legends: Arceus." This room can only be accessed via third-party tools, which will allow players to clip through walls and into the space. Players can't interact with anything in the room, but there are a few likely reasons why this spot exists. The first possible reason, as posited by Video Games Chronicle, is that the room was cut from the opening of "Pokemon Legends: Arceus," during the main character is pulled to the past from modern times.

Another possible reason is that this room could be used for a "100%" completion reward, triggering a trip back to the present for the player character. Some players believe that this inaccessible room and the many areas in the game that are covered with fog are indicators of impending DLC. Maybe the fog will be lifted in the near future, allowing players to explore even more of the Sinnoh region. At the moment, no such DLC plans have been announced, so hopeful players will have to remain patient.