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Twitter Can't Stop Roasting Meta Quest 2's Super Bowl 2022 Commercial

Virtual reality is a terrifying concept to many people. Science fiction stories have warned us about the dangers of simulated life for decades, after all. At the same time, while it's certainly important to keep technological growth in check, there's no denying that there's at least some allure to sticking on a headset and getting lost in another world. It could be the future of gaming, right?

Well... the social media response to Meta Quest 2's Superbowl commercial might not the best ad for the product. The footage depicts a band of cuddly animatronic creatures — including a dog, penguins, and a monster with lots of arms — performing their own rendition of the Simple Minds classic "Don't You (Forget About Me)" in an arcade. However, things take a grim turn when their arcade closes and the happy rockers become obsolete ... only for "happiness" to be rediscovered when the dog discovers he can relive his past life in the virtual world.

There's a strong argument to be made that the Metaverse is scaring people away from virtual reality. The Twitter reactions suggest that it's a nightmare-inducing advertisement for the business and a prime example of capitalism going unchecked, which might not bode well for the product's future.

The Metaverse is "hell"

The Meta Quest 2 commercial hasn't been met with widespread critical acclaim, to say the least. In a post that sums up many people's feelings toward the clip, Twitter user @G_MangiaPasta stated that the ad serves as a reminder that the "cool independent businesses are closing" and that the only solution it offers is to encourage people to check out a "grotesque fake simulation instead!" The social media user concluded by highlighting how, as the commercial demonstrates, "big tech companies get the profits instead of normal people!"

This view was echoed by @remnantposting, who also discussed the darker undertones present in the ad. "In lieu of any fulfillment or meaning in your real life, you can retreat into our digital mindscape where you can pretend to have it," they said, explaining the stark reality made apparent by the intendedly upbeat commercial. The New York Times best-selling author Kirsten Miller also took to Twitter to weigh in on the matter — with a statement that clearly seems to summarize many people's reactions to the ad — when she wrote "It's becoming increasingly clear to me that the Metaverse is hell."

Evidently, if this commercial was hoping to get people excited for the possibilities of virtual reality, it has had the opposite effect.