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Carrie Fisher, Adam West Show Up In Family Guy Season 15 Trailer

Family Guy will honor two beloved stars in its fifteenth season. As shown in the trailer recently released at San Diego Comic-Con, the show will feature performances from the late Carrie Fisher and Adam West, alongside the hijinks usually expected from the animated comedy.

The trailer kicks off with West's Mayor West, who rolls through the streets of Quahog on a handlebar-less segway alongside a new rat friend. "We could be a Geico commercial," he laughs. It then goes through a few of Family Guy's signature gags, featuring Peter milking male goats, the Griffins hiring a hot new nanny, a cameo from Danny Trejo, and, of course, a too long vomit gag.

Fisher's character Angela makes a reappearance alongside an overly muscular Peter, who takes shotgunning to a whole new level by punching a hole in a keg and drinking directly out of it. The two then engage in a very public make-out session, which is followed up by even more of Family Guy's gags, including a sensitivity mob who explains the state of the post-joke world, which somehow leads to a "Free Bird" set cafeteria fight that's a clear send-up to Colin Firth's epic Kingsman: The Secret Service church scene.

Like the tribute reel recently created for West, the trailer ends with the real-life West standing in the Quahog mayor's office. "Carrie Fisher and Adam West: we love and miss you both," a card says at the end of the trailer.

Season 15 of Family Guy will premiere on Oct. 1 on Fox. In the meantime, see Family Guy and some other TV shows that always spoil the next episode.