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Law & Order Showrunner Rick Eid Teases A Potential One Chicago Crossover

NBC's "Law & Order" revival series approaches apace, with the first episode set to premiere on February 24 (via TVLine). The drama lasted for 20 seasons during its first run, and its' long shelf life ultimately inspired the creation of multiple spinoffs. "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Law & Order: Organized Crime" are still in production and airing on NBC, while "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" also had a healthy run.

The only other currently-running NBC series that rivals "Law & Order" in the spinoff department is the "One Chicago" family of shows, comprised of police procedural "Chicago P.D.," fire and disaster drama "Chicago Fire" and medical drama "Chicago Med." That's fitting because both the "Law & Order" And "One Chicago" worlds were created by one man: Dick Wolf.

With two powerhouse franchises coexisting on one network, it's perhaps not surprising that NBC might be thinking of a way for those two worlds to meet. Rick Eid, who's the showrunner for the "Law & Order" revival, recently indicated that a crossover between his New York-based cops and the Chicago-centered doctors, firemen, and police officers just might be in the cards.

Rick Eid calls the notion of a One Chicago/Law & Order crossover - and anything else - "possible"

During an NBC press event attended by Looper, Eid admitted that previous crossovers between "Law & Order" and the "One Chicago" series had been successful for the show. Additionally, characters that appeared on the original "Law & Order" have crossed over with those from all its franchise-mates, as well as dramas as far-flung as "Chicago Justice," "Homicide: Life on the Street," and "Conviction." Eid added that "anything is possible" when it comes to the "Law & Order" and "One Chicago" universes crossing paths but did not offer further comment. So consider that a "maybe," NBC drama fans.

Until then, "Law & Order" fans will have to content themselves with a bit of a wait until their favorite programs return. "One Chicago" fans will only have one day less to wait. Per Hello! Magazine, all three shows from that universe will return with fresh installments on February 23.