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What Your Favorite MCU Avenger Says About You

It took Marvel Studios five movies and four years before they introduced Earth's mightiest heroes, the superhero collective called the Avengers. Made up of six remarkable people — Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye — and led by superspy Nick Fury, they'd be the planet's first line of defense against world-ending threats. But it wouldn't be long before the Avengers would add to their roster with the likes of Vision, War Machine, Wanda Maximoff, and others. 

Now, the roster of the MCU's greatest super-team boasts more than a dozen heroes from across the cinematic universe and even across the galaxy. With a wide range of powers, abilities, and personalities, there's someone for fans of all stripes to love. Whether you're a by-the-book do-gooder, a maverick, or an outlaw, everyone has their favorite Avenger, a hero they can identify with, that embodies their spirit. What does your favorite MCU Avenger say about you? Keep reading to find out.


Clint Barton, the hero archer known as Hawkeye, is a former agent of SHIELD. We first saw assigned to guard Thor's hammer when it fell to Earth after the Odinson was banished to Midgard. An elite marksman, the bow and arrow are his weapon of choice, and thanks to SHIELD — and later fellow Avenger Tony Stark and inventor Hank Pym — his arsenal is equipped with a variety of so-called "trick arrows" that are much more than a pointed stick. Cool under pressure, Clint is not the talkative type, but he's a capable soldier, and a strong leader. If he's your favorite Avenger, it's likely you're drawn to his calm and collected nature. He's a man who goes about his job with detached professionalism, a quality you either share or greatly aspire to. 

Should Hawkeye be the Avenger with whom you identify, you're likely the responsible one in a group of wilder personalities, always finding yourself picking up the slack for those around you. When your friends get into trouble, you're always bailing them out, and when someone you love is down and having a hard time, you're the one who gives them tough love and a push in the right direction. 

Nick Fury

The original leader and architect of the Avengers, Nick Fury was the director of SHIELD when he first developed the initiative to assemble a team of remarkable heroes. A longtime superspy, Fury used his experience in espionage to subtly influence the likes of Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and the Asgardian called Thor to join him, alongside his agents Black Widow and Hawkeye, to form the original Avengers lineup. Together, they took on the likes of Loki and his Chitauri Army, Baron Strucker, and the robot tyrant Ultron, all under Fury's watchful eye. If Fury is your guy, you're the idea man — a problem-solver more than a man of action, though you're not above getting your hands dirty.

As a fan of Fury, you're a person who likes to lead, but humble enough not to need any credit, because what matters is getting the job done, not receiving accolades or rewards. But if you have one weakness, it's your pride, which can sometimes blind you to hard truths, so always remember to listen to those who are trying to help you see it. Of course, when the chips are down, you redouble your efforts, and fight harder than ever before. Plus, you probably look good in a leather jacket.


Teenager Peter Parker was gifted superhuman strength, agility, and wall-crawling powers, and — combined with web-slinging wrist-shooters of his own design — became Spider-Man. Recruited by Tony Stark to help track down and capture Steve Rogers and his rogue Avengers, Parker found himself in the middle of a big-league superhero conflict in "Captain America: Civil War." Under Stark's guidance, he became a hero of his own, and finally became an Avenger when Thanos' Black Order came to Earth seeking the Infinity Stone that belonged to Doctor Strange. If Spider-Man is your favorite Avenger, join the club; one of the most popular heroes in comics, his exuberance and fun-loving nature are easy to identify with.

If you're a devotee of Spider-Man over all others, though, you're just probably an average Joe looking to do good, with an upbeat attitude that the world just can't crush no matter how hard it might try. Still, beneath your childlike attitude is a somber soul that sometimes feels like it's carrying the weight of the whole world. You constantly feel that no matter how much you do, you could still be doing more, either because of the expectations of others, or the expectations you put on yourself. But you're still growing and learning, and will come out on top in the end, so try not to be so hard on yourself, take some time to relax ... and never lose that youthful enthusiasm.

Wanda Maximoff

Before she embraced her destiny as the mythical Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff was a refugee from the war-torn nation of Sokovia, ravaged by the robot Ultron in his bid to control the world. After losing her brother in the conflict, Wanda joined the Avengers, and with her incredible (though somewhat ambiguous) powers, she helped them hunt down villains around the globe. She soon fell in love with the android Vision, but the pair split to take sides in the conflict between Iron Man and Captain America, before reuniting to defend the planet against Thanos. Those who see Wanda as the best Avenger are surely attracted to her sense of determination, and may empathize with how she's overcome tremendous obstacles and loss to become the hero she is.

Of course, if you're a Wanda stan, you may also share her lack of confidence, and may need the encouragement of a responsible friend to motivate and empower you. But once you spread your wings, there's seemingly no limit to what you can accomplish. That said, you may have a tendency to get carried away, and take things too far, especially when overwhelmed by your feelings. But if you can keep your emotions in check, you'll go far. And remember: Even though you may feel isolated at times, you have more friends than you realize.

Iron Man

Billionaire playboy and genius inventor Tony Stark learned from his hubris while taken hostage by terrorists. He built an advanced suit of weaponized armor to escape, and subsequently became the hero Iron Man. He helped lead the Avengers defend Earth against an alien invasion, but would wind up fighting his own demons, and even clashed with his friends in a misguided attempt to do the right thing. Ultimately, when the space tyrant Thanos came knocking, Stark was willing to sacrifice himself to save the universe. One of the most popular Avengers, fans of Iron Man have a keen sense of style and a brash attitude, even if, for some of them, it might just be wish fulfillment — because the world often seems like it's out to get you, and you're hiding a lot of pain.

The best thing about you, though, might be that you're incredibly smart and clever. But you're also sassy and self-centered, with an abrasive attitude that acts as a shield to protect you when you feel vulnerable. You may very well be the genius you tell people you are, but you're also the least decisive, and are always second-guessing yourself. Try to put aside your self-serving nature and act on your convictions — put some good out into the world — and you'll go far. 


Conceived by the evil robot Ultron to become his second, more advanced android body, Vision would be created when Tony Stark infused the humanoid construct with his artificial intelligence, JARVIS, and was activated by the energy from Thor's hammer. After defeating Ultron, Vision would join the Avengers, fall in love with Wanda Maximoff, and side with Tony Stark in their fight over the Sokovia Accords. Powered by the Mind Stone, he was killed by Thanos when the Mad Titan assembled the Infinity Gauntlet. But after being reconstructed by SWORD, he may be back in a new form, and his many fans couldn't be happier. Their love for the android stems from their own stoic nature, which is often misunderstood as a lack of emotion. 

If Vision is your favorite Avenger, you're intensely passionate; you just keep your feelings close to your chest. Whether it's because of trauma, or just out of caution, you might obscure your emotions and vulnerability under a cloak of logic and reason. But in truth, you're a hopeless romantic; not just about love, but about the nature of the world itself. You fight hard for what you believe in, and fiercely stand up for those you love, even if you don't always agree with them. You're also a conflict-avoidant personality who wishes to stay out of fights, but will step in if nobody else does, or can. Above all, though, you believe strongly in the inherent good of people, and want to help them prosper.

Captain Marvel

After being caught in an explosion triggered by the cosmic Tesseract, Carol Danvers was blessed with tremendous superhuman abilities. But after being kidnapped by the Kree, Danvers had her memories erased, and was brainwashed to fight alongside them as their most powerful new warrior. When she returned to Earth on a mission to find a group of escaped shape-shifting Skrulls, her memories began to resurface. Dubbing herself Captain Marvel, she joined Nick Fury in an adventure to save alien refugees, and became the inspiration for the Avengers. After Thanos wiped out half of all life in the universe, Marvel joined the Avengers, and became one of the most popular new heroes on the team.

If you love Danvers, you're probably independent, strong, and have overcome many challenges in your life — whether it's a troubled upbringing or a few rough patches — that have only made you stronger. You're never afraid to stand up to a bully, and you don't take guff from anyone. If you have a weakness, it's that you sometimes see genuine compliments as backhanded insults, because you're just not used to hearing them. You're slowly learning to ignore the doubters, and just focus on proving them wrong.


The once arrogant, bratty prince of Asgard was banished to Midgard to learn humility, and while there, developed a deep affection for humanity. After earning the right to wield Mjolnir, Thor Odinson returned to Earth to fight alongside the Avengers when his devious brother Loki stole the Tesseract and attempted to take over the world. When the conflict ended, he was welcomed as a member of the team, and fought with them again to take down Thanos, a villain who had defeated him in their first go-round. If Thor is your favorite MCU Avenger, you probably do things differently. You love to have a good time, but never follow the crowd.

Proud and boastful, your good looks, confidence and self-assuredness garner you respect, even if, to some, you might come across as a bit of a braggart. You've risen to great heights — or will soon enough — and many respect your wisdom and strength, but there are also those who don't take you seriously, based on your laissez-faire attitude towards life. Though accomplished, it's important to remember that you still may have a lot to learn. Try to remain humble, and you'll soon be king of your castle.

The Hulk

Turned into the monstrous Hulk by exposure to gamma radiation, Bruce Banner had been in hiding, and attempting to avoid turning into his green alter ego, when he was recruited by SHIELD to help find Loki. He would eventually "Hulk out" when Loki's forces sabotaged the helicarrier, and the trickster god made quick work of Thor before escaping. But Banner returned to fight the Chitauri invasion in his Hulk form, and joined the team officially when all was said and done. Used by the Avengers as their fail-safe during dangerous missions, he fled Earth after helping to defeat Ultron, yet would return to aid the Avengers in their battle against Thanos. If you love the Jade Giant, you're probably the solitary, loner type, distrustful of authority, with a short temper you're afraid to unleash.

Impulsive, sometimes reckless, you're very well aware of your weaknesses in that regard, and have learned that you need to control your volatility. Thoughtful and kind, your anger issues can sometimes leave you misunderstood by others — but you've worked hard to aim those qualities in the right direction, and at the right time. As a result, most people generally think of you as an endearing, lovable friend, and appreciate your protective nature. 

War Machine

A highly respected military colonel, James Rhodes was Tony Stark's best friend even before Stark became Iron Man. But after Stark developed his advanced superhero suit, Rhodes became Tony's biggest ally, and the only other man he'd entrust to wear the Iron Man armor. Donning a specially outfitted version dubbed the "War Machine," Rhodes joined the Avengers, and would often act as Stark's conscience. If War Machine is your favorite, you're probably the Iron Man fan that is a little turned off by Tony's reckless, haphazard style. 

You're the devoted one, loyal and trustworthy; you do things by the book, because without rules, there'd be chaos, and you hate chaos. Some may see you as a bit uptight, but your strict ways are only because you've seen how doing things haphazardly can be so dangerous. You're definitely not a stick in the mud, though — you're fun and know how to have a good time; you just temper it with a sense of responsibility. And for that, you're valued and appreciated by your friends and family. Because even the ones put off by your seriousness know you're the one they can always count on. 


Sister of Gamora, interstellar assassin, and daughter to Thanos, Nebula was pitted against her sibling from an early age. Experimented on by Thanos, she became a cybernetically enhanced killer, and one of the Mad Titan's most trusted enforcers. Years later, Nebula would find common ground with her estranged sister, and together, they would plot to stop their father's diabolical plans. But when Thanos succeeded, Nebula took refuge with the Avengers, and joined the team in their daring attempt to change history. An outcast and a pariah, Nebula is a favorite of those who see in her the same troubled past they've struggled through.

If Nebula is your favorite Avenger, you're the cynical and jaded one (who looks good with a shaved head). You're likely looking for vicarious catharses for your trust issues, and years of personal battles and hard times. Whether you've made it out the other side or are still going through it, Nebula offers you a window into what could be: a person who was knocked down, lost some fights, but keeps getting back up. You may still carry the scars from your past — visible or otherwise — but you'll never let them take your dignity away from you. You'll rise above, push through, and show the world how strong you are.

Captain America

Transformed from a skinny, awkward young man into a super-soldier, Steve Rogers became Captain America during World War II. He was instrumental in defeating not just Adolf Hitler, but the rogue Nazi occultist Red Skull. Revived nearly 60 years later, he picked up right where he left off, and was Nick Fury's first recruit when he assembled the Avengers to fight an alien invasion. After defying the Sokovia Accords over a matter of principle, he clashed with Tony Stark, and many of the Avengers themselves, going on the run to fight crime his own way. But when Thanos came, he returned to the fold, and led the Avengers into the greatest battle the MCU had ever seen. If Steve is your favorite Avenger, it's probably because he embodies your deep sense of justice in the world, perhaps the kind of justice that, these days, has become hard to find.

Captain America fans are not duty-bound to any flag or leader, but follow their conscience, wherever that may lead. Maybe you're a climate activist, or an advocate for social change, but whatever you believe in, you're willing to stand up for it, even if it's against long odds. Passionate about your causes, you're otherwise a reserved person, usually the friend who is deescalating squabbles and playing peacemaker. Generous and respectful to all people, you make enemies only among those who stand for nothing.


Starting out life in the MCU as a small-time crook, Scott Lang stumbled upon the advanced suit worn by its creator, Hank Pym, decades earlier to fight terrorism with SHIELD. He quickly became a close ally of Pym's. When Captain America broke with Tony Stark over the Sokovia Accords, he turned to Lang for a superhero hand. While Ant-Man's involvement got him in trouble with the law, it earned Cap's respect, so when Lang claimed to have found a way to return half of the lives in the universe after Thanos snapped his fingers, Cap listened. A fun-loving, lighthearted hero who always has a joke at the ready, Ant-Man is a favorite of class clowns, and people who never seem to be dragged down by life's many challenges.

There are some people who knock you for acting without thinking, which has gotten you into trouble more than once. But your heart is always in the right place, and while some view it as a weakness, the fact that you never take anything too seriously can often be a reason people like you. You're easygoing, relaxed, and help put others at ease with your freewheeling ways. Just be aware of why you're so laid back, as it could be you're not dealing with some real issues. Tackle those, and you're on easy street.


The diminutive not-really-a-raccoon called Rocket was a bounty hunter working with sentient flora Groot when they got caught up in the chase for an Infinity Stone. After coming together with Star-Lord, Gamora, and Drax, the group became the Guardians of the Galaxy, and set about helping those in need — for a fee. But during The Blip, Rocket was left on Earth, and became an Avenger, helping the remaining heroes restore order. When the team needed help to undo all the damage Thanos caused, Rocket joined their "time heist" mission. Snarky, quick-witted, and clever, it's no surprise that Rocket is a favorite of many, but if he's yours, you're probably a risk-taker, a devil-may-care type with a soft side.

Though some may not like your biting sarcasm, they love that you've got an answer for everything. When things go wrong, your friends come to you, because you're always up for a crazy plan to fix it, even if it's not your problem. Your reasons for helping might not be truly selfless — you love a challenge, and excitement even more — but we'd be lying if we said you didn't have a heart, too. It's just buried a little deeper than most, and you're sometimes afraid to show it. 

Black Widow

Raised in Russia, and trained to be an assassin in General Dreykov's Red Room program, Natasha Romanoff defected to join the American spy agency SHIELD under Director Nick Fury. When Fury needed a team of heroes to fend off an alien invasion, Romanoff came together with Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Hawkeye to form the Avengers. A close ally of Captain America, she'd help him take down SHIELD, but show her allegiances to be as nebulous as any great superspy in his clash with Iron Man. If Black Widow is your favorite MCU Avenger, you're probably the tough and determined one, but with shifting loyalties — because in the end, the only person you really trust is yourself. You're loyal, but only to a point.

As someone who likes to do things your own way, it makes sense that Romanoff would be your favorite: Like you, the black-ops agent is shrewd, and has serious trust issues — probably for good reason. You're not used to people sticking by you and showing you any kind of devotion, so you've learned to live your life without relying on others. But take note, Widow fans: When you find a family, cherish it, because you're the best ally anyone could ever have. You'd do anything for those who really love you. They just don't know it yet.


Sam Wilson was just like any other Army veteran when he had a chance encounter with Steve Rogers — Captain America. And when the resurrected superhero was in trouble, Cap went to Wilson, the only man he could trust, and the pair quickly became allies. Using an experimental military wing-suit, Wilson became Falcon, and joined the Avengers alongside Rogers in their fight against evildoers. More recently, in the wake of Rogers' retirement, Wilson was entrusted with Captain America's shield, and became the newest hero to embody the American ideal. If Falcon is your favorite, you're the best friend that everyone respects, but also underestimates.

Even if you don't always get the level of admiration you probably deserve, that's okay with you, because you're humble, and not one to seek the praise of others. You're happy to cede the spotlight, and reluctant to be the center of attention, but when it finds its way to you, you shine just the same. Strong, capable, and trustworthy, you exemplify the best qualities that many people lack, but if there's anything that's holding you back from greatness, it's a lack of self-confidence, as you don't yet realize how special you truly are.