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Renata Glasc: Everything We Know About The New League Of Legends Champion

Riot Games is showing no signs of slowing down, and a new "League of Legends" champion set to debut right on the heels of Zeri's Jan. 2022 release. Renata Glasc is well-poised to shake things up in "League" once Patch 12.4 drops. The upcoming arrival of the Chem-Baroness has already caught the attention of fans who love her stunning character design, commanding dialogue, powerful abilities, and more.

Thanks to the new champion trailer, ability rundown, and lore bio that Riot has already shared, fans are able to learn a good bit about Renata ahead of her release. As Renata says, "everyone comes to my side eventually," and her cheeky confidence is undeniably contagious — even to her enemies. Though she's listed as a support champion, it seems like Renata also has real leadership and shot-calling potential, at least based on her lore and abilities.

A businesswoman at heart – or, as some fans might say, a "girlboss" – Renata was first teased by Riot through a faux business website for Glasc Industries, which marketed her "captivating fragrances, self-defense solutions, and augmented limb technology." There's clearly something in the air when Renata's around, and it's much more than just her perfume.

Renata's Lore – Family Business

Renata Glasc's lore is almost as rich as she is. With a detailed backstory set in Zaun, the fact that Renata is connected to this region — much like fellow champions Ekko and Jinx — has made some fans believe her character could have some connections to what's next for Netflix's popular "League of Legends" series, "Arcane." Either way, her story may particularly resonate with fans of the show.

As explained on her official champion page, Renata grew up in poverty as the daughter of two alchemists who "gave their care and their cures to anyone in need ... regardless of whether their patients could afford them." Even once Renata grew up and helped her parents sell their solutions to the rich, her parents still spent their cash on trying to create formulas for keeping their patients alive. The fact that this experimental cure causes extreme side effects, like making patients "extremely suggestible, or extremely violent" seems to be a direct nod to Renata's unique ultimate attack (more on that in a minute).

Renata's life took a big turn when crooked profiteers looking to make money off of their healing technology burned down her family home. The Chem-Baroness lost her arm trying to rescue her parents, replacing it with a cybernetic prosthetic.

Renata's Lore – Pollution, Publicity, and Power

Picking up the pieces after the tragedy, Renata swore to turn over a new leaf and seek profit and power. Even with this new focus,  Renata showed great generosity to her city of Zaun, accepting loyalty as currency for those without money. 

After a particularly bad pollution incident in Zaun, a full-city supply of free protective equipment made Renata a hero in the eyes of all, which in turn led to the growth of her business. Renata's sights are set on much bigger than Zaun or even Piltover, however, as she dreams that she'll be the one who "controls the Sun Gate," thereby giving her control over trade on a global scale.

The final secret up her sleeves is truly fearsome. As explained in her official lore page, since Renata has "her parents' chemtech formula embedded in every Glasc product in both Piltover and Zaun, ready to be released at her command—side effects and all—it's only a matter of time before everyone works for Renata Glasc."

Renata's Basic Abilities

Renata isn't the average support champion. In fact, her AP-scaling abilities make her a force to be reckoned with, thanks to her offensive and defensive traits. According to her ability rundown page, Renata's passive attack, Leverage, grants her basic attacks a marking ability that deals bonus damage when coupled with an ally attack. This is both a strong bonus on its own and is great news for her Attack Damage Carry, or any of her teammates for that matter.

Renata's Q attack, Handshake, enables her to "send out a missile from her robotic arm" and root a target. Reactivating Handshake can toss the enemies into one another with a chance to stun. This double whammy Q attack combined with her passive makes Renata a force to be reckoned with, especially early on.

For her W, Bailout, Renata can boost attack and move speed for either herself or a teammate. The ability can even help an ally resurrect while active. If the ally dies during Bailout, they either get three extra seconds of life before burning alive, or a total free pass on death if they score a takedown in that brief time frame.

Renata's E attack, Loyalty Program, shields her team while both slowing and damaging enemies. With her three basic attacks and her empowering passive, Renata has plenty of options and total control.

Renata's Ultimate Ability

As if all these multifaceted, unique abilities weren't enough, Renata's ultimate ability is absolutely ruthless. Hostile Takeover releases a gas that "causes enemies to go Berserk," which bumps up attack speed and sends them after everyone in their vicinity. Though this ability can backfire and cause affected enemies to attack Renata and her team if no other enemies, jungle monsters, or minions are around, it will first force enemies to attack each other. 

Strategic use of Renata's ultimate may be a make-or-break in "League" matches, which looks to be highly effective in fast-paced teamfight scenarios. In this case, fans may want to keep in mind what she says in her champion trailer: "the difference between medicine and poison is the dosage."

For those ready to join Renata on her "product testing" mission and world domination pursuits in "League of Legends," it'll be tough waiting until Patch 12.4 drops. In the meantime, players are well-advised to get up to speed on the abilities of Renata's adversaries, like the lightning-wielding Zeri.