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Here's Where To Watch Every Episode Of Gold Rush: Parker's Trail

Much like mining crews strike gold whenever they venture into the Yukon, Discovery similarly struck it rich when they greenlit the original "Gold Rush" series. The concept is simple and par the course for a Discovery show. The reality series follows several mining expeditions as they traverse the wilderness with heavy machinery and good, old-fashioned gumption in the hunt for treasures. Some outings are more fruitful than others, but one thing's always a guarantee — it'll make for engaging television in the process. 

"Gold Rush" has stuck around for over a decade at this point, and Discovery has panned every last ounce of profitability out of the show with numerous spinoffs. From "Freddy Dodge's Mine Rescue" to "Winter's Fortune," they've all proven how gold can be found where you least expect it. No matter what the newest concept may be, you can be certain there will be plenty of drama, especially when you check out "Parker's Trail," which sees series mainstay Parker Schnabel and a loyal crew travel to the farthest reaches of the earth searching for gold. 

Several seasons of the show are available to watch, and you can watch them all in one convenient location.

Gold Rush: Parker's Trail is available to watch on Discovery+

It seems like every company wants its own streaming service these days, and Discovery, the channel behind the likes of "Alone" and "The Curse of Oak Island," wanted to get in on the action. Anyone who wants access to all of Discovery's series over the years can watch them instantaneously with a subscription to Discovery+. You can pay $4.99 per month to get the basic version or shell out $6.99 if you want it without commercials. Either way, a Discovery+ membership is the only way you can stream every episode of "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail."

A lot of people may wonder if Discovery+ is worth it. It's worth mentioning that you get a lot more than merely Discovery series on the platform. It's also home to plenty of original content you can only find on Discovery+, like "Six Degrees With Mike Rowe" and "The Mighty Underdogs." Plus, shows from other channels are located on Discovery+, too, such as Animal Planet, Food Network, HGTV, A&E, History, TLC, and more (via Rolling Stone).

With all that content, it's a great deal in relation to some of the other streaming services out there. Plus, it ensures you always have more of Parker Schnabel's exploits at your fingertips.