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The Peacemaker Episode 7 Moment That Broke Fans' Hearts

In addition to a scene where an anthropomorphic eagle literally attacks a group of white supremacists (Go Eagly!), the penultimate episode of "Peacemaker" Season 1 has more than its fair share of sad moments. From flashbacks to the tragic childhood of Christopher Smith (aka Peacemaker) (John Cena) to the heartfelt apology Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) offers Peacemaker for her betrayal, this episode packs an emotional punch in every possible spot. 

In the opening scene of Season 1, Episode 7 ("Stop Dragon My Heart Around"), Peacemaker cries in the mirror as he remembers the devastating death of his older brother, Keith (Liam Hughes). Later, Peacemaker also weeps when he is forced to murder his father, Auggie (aka White Dragon) (Robert Patrick). Notably, Peacemaker is probably the only person to shed a tear over White Dragon's timely demise. 

While all of the aforementioned scenes are meant to elicit an emotional response, none of them come close to the one moment that seems to be impacting viewers the most. Immediately after the episode was released on HBO Max, Reddit users discussed the tragic passing of one of Peacemaker's most-trusted colleagues.

Butterfly Murn's death hit fans hard

While White Dragon's death was almost certainly met with welcome applause, many "Peacemaker" fans were saddened to see Clemson Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji) die at the hands of Detective Sophie Song (aka Butterfly Goff) (Annie Chang). Notably, this scene was made even more tragic as a result of the diminutive size of Murn's real body. After Murn's human body is gunned down, Butterfly Murn attempts to fly away, but is quickly seized from the air and crushed by Song. Shortly after the Butterflies depart, Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) and Adebayo discover Murn's mangled body in a scene that led many "Peacemaker" fans to mourn the alien insect. 

In an episode discussion post on the official r/PeacemakerShow Reddit page, many noted a strong emotional response to seeing the Butterfly breathe his last breaths. A Reddit user utilizing the screen name u/PeaDisastrous2449 said, "That scene where Harcourt picked up Butterfly Murn... actually made me sad." This comment received more than 240 upvotes as of the time of this writing. Other responses noted a sense of surprise at the heartfelt nature of the insect's death.

"Honestly, I didn't expect to get that sad watching a tiny alien die," u/DezziDrowned said in response to u/PeaDisastrous2449's comment. "Probably helps that he really was a good guy and seemed to care for his team. That little goodbye where they touched hands hurt."

The first season finale of "Peacemaker," an episode titled "It's Cow or Never," will be released on HBO Max on February 17 (via IMDb).