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Can Gold Rush Fans Actually Visit The Dig Sites?

It's natural for fans of a TV show or movie to want to visit the sites where those properties filmed. There's just something magical about standing in the same spot Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone did for a certain project, and if you're feeling particularly quirky, you can even reenact the scene. It may not be the first show you think of visiting the set locations, but Discovery's "Gold Rush" certainly has a passionate fan base. It only makes sense that some people would want to visit the same places that Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets have gone. 

Granted, it's not a walk in the park to get to many "Gold Rush" locations. Whereas with most movies and TV shows, it's merely a matter of figuring out which intersection to go to in a big city, with "Gold Rush," you have to go to the middle of nowhere, often in the treacherous Yukon. But people have done it, so if you have the will and fortitude, you too can visit all of your favorite "Gold Rush" spots.

People from all over travel to see the Gold Rush sites

"Gold Rush" is one of the most popular shows on cable TV. It has legions of loyal fans, and as tends to be the case with any famous series, fans want to get in on the action. Ed Gorsuch, a producer for "Gold Rush," spoke with Reality Blurred about the show, and at one point, he began discussing how the miners themselves have become somewhat celebrities in their own rights. That means plenty of people out there are willing to travel to great lengths just to get a glimpse of them. 

Gorsuch said, "Really from Season 2 on, since being up in the Yukon, people have shown up." Despite the fact the crews are in the middle of the wilderness, fans still discover ways to find them. And they do it just to get a look at their favorite reality TV stars, as Gorsuch goes on to say, "There's people that show up just to see the miners. We've had families show up. We had a guy with a motor home drive up with his family from Louisiana."

The producer also mentioned how the show has a sizable following in Germany and how the sites have gotten visits from plenty of Germans. He summed it up nicely by concluding, "It's a surprise to me that people are willing to make that journey, but it says something about the popularity of the show."