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How To Test Out The New Playstation Beta

Fans have been anticipating some changes in PlayStation's UI interface for a little while now, so it should come as no surprise that the console is following through on what it's been hinting at for weeks. While it's no Game Pass-style announcement, the new interface improvements might just help fans see the PlayStation in a refreshed light. Unfortunately, Sony announced that the new features won't be available to everyone until later in 2022. That being said, there's still a chance you can get a peek at the features early, as part of the PlayStation Beta program.

The new changes to PlayStation's UI experience are something that people will want to get their hands on. According to Sony's blog explaining the update, players will now be able to use voice commands in order to navigate the console's menus. Players will also be able to enjoy an improved Party Chat, which will soon include visual indicators of who is speaking, along with more privacy options and simplified paths to screen sharing. Party Chat will now include the option to literally turn down the volume on loud chat participants, balancing the output of the noisiest group members.

Additionally, gamers will now be able to customize their home menu more than ever before by choosing which games to include in the menu on startup. Players can also search their vast libraries for specific titles with a new filter function. All of these new options may sound great, but who gets to use them first?

How can you participate in the beta test?

Everyone won't get to test out the new UI features on PlayStation. Those that want to get in on the PlayStation Beta program have to first sign up for it. Sony regularly accepts applications to be part of its PS5 beta group on its website, and gamers can also sign up to specifically take part in a PS4 beta group as well. That being said, being part of the test group does not guarantee you'll get your hands on the new update. Sony specifies in its registration that applying to be part of the program doesn't guarantee entry. Viable candidates will receive an email confirming their status and providing further instructions.

In its blog, Sony was quick to note that some of the new features might change significantly before the update reaches everyone, so it's unclear what the general public will be able to experience when the update rolls out later in 2022. That being said, it's never too late to sign up to test new products, and Sony has made it incredibly easy to do so.