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The Most Pause-Worthy Mitch Moment On Gold Rush

"Gold Rush" is one of Discovery's most popular reality TV shows. It's been running for 12 seasons now, and fans are still eating up the drama. As of right now, the show has over 350,000 followers combined on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, as well as 1.75 million followers on Facebook. That's a pretty big following for a show that mainly centers around moving literal tons of dirt from one place to another.

All joking aside, there are some redeeming qualities in the show — particularly with its main characters. There's foul-mouthed Tony Beets, who keeps the show's editors on their toes between his ample expletives and mumbling speech patterns. Rick Ness and Parker Schnabel are rival gold miners who try their best to keep their operations profitable and productive, despite the constant challenges. And there's Parker's right-hand man Mitch Blaschke, who is a huge fan favorite. Although fans love him, he is not without his moments of imperfection. And there was a moment early on in Season 11 that had fans asking themselves, "did he really just say that?!"

Mitch requests that Parker hires more people regardless of experience -- then complains about their lack of experience

In the first part of Episode 5, after a frustrating day of shoveling dirt around (but not enough dirt around fast enough to make a profit), Mitch goes to Parker's office practically begging him for more help. But due to COVID-19, laborers are in short supply, especially the skilled personnel which would make the best hires. Mitch insists that a lack of experience is fine, and that he's willing to train whomever Parker decides to hire.

Later in that same episode, after new (and inexperienced) worker Tatiana bumps her lifter into another vehicle — a barely noticeable fender-bender that is handled well by both her and Mitch — Mitch reacts by telling the camera that he's glad Parker hired the help. However, he adds that "nobody's come here with a resume, so that's gonna make things real tough." This led many fans to do a double-take while a record-scratch presumably sounded off in their heads (according to this Reddit fan thread). To be fair to Mitch, that statement was seemingly spliced together from two different recordings, something known in reality TV as "frankenbiting" (via The New York Post). So there was probably some context edited out just to squash it all down into a small, easily digestible soundbite and create a little drama.