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The Surprising Place Bob Odenkirk Got A Tattoo In Honor Of Better Call Saul

The version of Albuquerque, New Mexico seen in "Better Call Saul" and its inspiration, "Breaking Bad," seems to be a pretty interesting place, though the smart money is on avoiding any local chemistry teachers or recklessly throwing a pizza onto somebody's roof. Perhaps the strangest character in a strange town, though, is Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), a former conman turned lawyer who gets involved in all sorts of unscrupulous elements like drug cartels, corrupt police officers, and general run-of-the-mill sleaze. Goodman, as a character, is an absolute Machiavellian rapscallion, who has no issues with going too far to suit his own ends — whether it means cutting corners, much less lying and bluffing his way through his interactions. He has scammed old ladies, ruined a girlfriend's career, and even made his antagonistic brother look crazy with the intention of advancing his own career. 

Season 5 of the popular show aired in 2020, and the next season is scheduled for release in 2022. Back in 2018, though, before the premiere of Season 4, star Bob Odenkirk showed off a fresh tattoo he got to mark the occasion — and onlookers were probably not ready for where it was!

Bob Odenkirk had the Better Call Saul Logo 'tattooed' on his butt

Exposing his derrière, Odenkirk said (via Indie Wire), "I wanted to show you guys something. This is exciting for me. I'm sorry. I got a tattoo. All my life, I'm trying to think, like, what do I care about enough to get it, like, eternally marked on my a**. And so, I finally had something." He continued, "I'm a real company man, and I was just thinking, I want everyone to know it's coming back. It was such a long wait. Where can I put the information that a lot of people will see it? So, there you go."

Highlighting his trademark comedy and commitment, the tattoo in question is the logo for "Better Call Saul" inside a drawing of a typical heart, with an arrow pointing to the left and the Season 4 premiere date of August 6. 

If this act sounds on the extreme side — even for the guy who plays Saul Goodman — don't worry too much. Odenkirk later clarified on Jimmy Fallon's show that it was a temporary tattoo created specifically for the previously mentioned event, and to prove it, he showed that it had already started to wear and fade. So far, there's no indication that Odenkirk has any indication of getting another tattoo (permanent or not!) with the Season 6 premiere date, but stay tuned.