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The Real Reason Ricky Hates Squirrels In Trailer Park Boys

Fans of the Canadian sitcom "Trailer Park Boys" love the show's off-the-cuff heroes, even when they're doing wrong. One of the show's most colorful characters is Richard "Ricky" LaFleur (Robb Wells), a bemulleted dreamer who loves food, booze, illicit substances, and trying to scheme his way out of the titular trailer park. With malaprops that would make "Laverne and Shirley's" Lenny and Squiggy green with envy, Ricky (and his enormous and well-tended marijuana crop) is the heart and soul of the series. He's also often the focal point of its action and — no matter how many times he tries to stay on the straight and narrow — he'll inevitably end up doing the most outrageous thing possible in an attempt at staying free and making money.

Ricky's pretty good with most animals, but fans of the show will likely be able to recall that he hates squirrels with a passion. Can you remember why he dislikes them so deeply?

Ricky, like a squirrel, is trying to protect his stash

Ricky and squirrels do have one thing in common — they both like protecting their stashes. Ricky's enmity when it comes to the rodents ties back into his large, profitable crop of marijuana, which he protects from creatures two-legged and four. Squirrels can be incredibly destructive when it comes to getting what they want, and they wouldn't hesitate to chew through stalks of marijuana, which would mean more dead plants and less profit for Ricky. The sight of just one squirrel — as in Episode 1 of Season 11 (per IMDb — warning, contains the typical "Trailer Park Boys" use of four-letter words) — will send him on an expletive and ammo-laden rant.

He's had a series-long battle with one squirrel in particular, who continuously taunts him even as he threatens to shoot it to kingdom come. He's accused it of doing all sorts of lewd things, but it outwits him constantly. Though Ricky has rented cats from the bespectacled Bubbles (Mike Smith) to rid him of his squirrel problem, the rodents continue to taunt him. They even damaged his home when one chewed through the wiring connected to his trailer and started a fire.

Since Ricky's ongoing feud with squirrel-kind gets a lot of outrageous laughs, it's unlikely he'll ever make peace with the critters.