Who Plays Lt. Mike Gee In Blue Bloods?

The current television landscape offers a wide array of police procedural dramas, some of which have been on the air for quite a long time. The "CSI," "NCIS" and "Law & Order" franchises are arguably the most globally renowned of the bunch, but in recent years, "Blue Bloods" has carved a niche for itself as a major draw for viewers on CBS (per TV Insider). Boasting a stellar cast that includes Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg, "Blue Bloods" centers around the Reagan family as they juggle their careers with their personal lives. However, what makes the Reagan family different from other households is the fact the patriarch and siblings all work in various branches of law enforcement. Naturally, this leads to some fascinating conversations around the dinner table.

While Selleck is the face of "Blue Bloods," some of the show's supporting roles are recognizable in their own right. Lt. Mike Gee joined the show in 2019 as a commanding officer in the NYPD, coming out of retirement after his son gets diagnosed with a serious illness. He likely looks familiar to many viewers, mostly because the actor who plays him is a popular producer and DJ who is widely regarded as a hip-hop pioneer.

Eric B plays Mike Gee in Blue Bloods

Lieutenant Mike Gee ain't no joke. The commanding officer of the 54th Precinct's Detective Squad is played by none other than Eric B, otherwise known as Louis Eric Barrier. Prior to joining the cast of "Blue Bloods," his only acting credits included appearances in "The Goldbergs," "Who's the Man?" and some music videos. However, as one-half of the musical duo Eric B and Rakim, he's recognized as one of the most universally influential artists from the golden age of hip-hop (per AllMusic).

Eric B released four studio albums alongside Rakim, with "Paid In Full" arguably being the most acclaimed and well-known of the bunch. As Rolling Stone points out, the record has been hailed as one of the finest hip-hop albums of all time. Eric B's production on "Paid In Full" was the source of much praise too, especially for the way in which he littered the album with '70s funk samples to complement Rakim's flawless flow. 

These days, however, Eric B is focusing his attention on acting. As HipHopDX pointed out, he previously stated that being on "The Goldbergs" really "wet [his] appetite" for the craft and he's been on a "mission" ever since. That said, being cast in "Blue Bloods" was a huge moment for the hip-hop legend. "Being on set is surreal," he revealed. "I swear they treat Tom Selleck like the real Police Commissioner. What an honor to be alongside such a legend. Magnum P.I. Wow. I can't thank Donnie Wahlberg enough for this opportunity, really grateful."