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Bizarre Brigsby Bear Trailer Released

Kyle Mooney has to find a way to survive on the outside in the new trailer for Brigsby Bear. The movie follows Saturday Night Live alum Mooney as James, a man who has been the sole audience member for the children's TV show Brigsby Bear Adventures, which was created for him by the parents who kidnapped him. When James is rescued and introduced to the real world, he decides to make a Brigsby Bear movie as a way of coping with the reality of a harsh new world that he knows nothing about.

The trailer begins with James sitting in front of the TV, watching Brigsby in a room filled with Brigsby toys. While he seems to enjoy his sheltered existence, he clearly knows that something is amiss, and he approaches his caretaker Ted (Mark Hamill) to ask about the outside. Ted points to some bugs flitting by outside. "They're out there every night," he says. "The difference is we have dreams and imaginations to help us escape, and no one can take that away from you, ever."

James seems to take this to heart even after he leaves the secluded bunker in which they were living. As he goes out into the "big" world, he has to adjust to the unfamiliar territory with the assistance of a detective (Greg Kinnear). "Everyone says they're just trying to help me, but no one can find me the new episode of Brigsby," James says.

James is told that there was no new episode this week and that he has to move on with his life, but he can't seem to let the character go. "Try to imagine a hero," he says. "He's not on the bad side, he's on the good side." Together with the new friends he makes on the outside, James sets out to show the world what he learned from the character. 

Beck Bennett, Claire Danes, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Kate Lyn Sheil, Ryan Simpkins, Matt Walsh, and Michaela Watkins also star in the film, which was directed by Saturday Night Live's Dave McCary based off a script by Mooney and Kevin Costello. The film will be shown in select theaters theaters starting on July 28; it will join a number of innovative and interesting movies that will blow you away this summer.