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Danielle Colby's Most Sought After Items On American Pickers

It's safe to say that on History's "American Pickers," the gang is interested in any items they can turn a profit on. It doesn't matter if it's as big as an Aerosmith van or as small as a skeleton key; if there's money to be made, Mike Wolfe and the others want in on the ground floor. They'll explore every facet of a person's house, barn, or garage to see what's hidden amongst all of the clutter.

Still, there are always those precious few items that the team gets inexplicably giddy at whenever they see it up for grabs. Anyone who's watched even a single episode of "American Pickers" can attest that Mike Wolfe loves his vintage motorcycles. He's spent some big bucks to get his hands on old bikes, even if he has to spend thousands more dollars to get the items in working condition. But he's not alone; Danielle Colby also has things that are near and dear to her that she looks out for any time she's on the hunt.

Danielle Colby loves old toys and keys

As you can likely tell just by looking at her, Danielle Colby has eclectic tastes. That means it should come as no surprise that she has specific things she likes to find on hunts, as evidenced by a 2017 interview she did with Monsters & Critics. When asked what some of her favorite smaller items to find are, she responded, "For cheap buys, power packed with character, I like children's toys. I'm crazy about Frozen Charlottes." For those who don't know, Frozen Charlottes are small, German dolls that arrived in the United States in the 1800s and were heavily sought after by young girls (via Atlas Obscura).

However, that's not the only thing Colby keeps an eye out for on the road. She went on to say, "I used to collect a lot of skeleton keys. I had a huge collection for many years. I've just recently begun to sell that collection off. You can always find really interesting keys for not a lot of money. Anywhere from five dollars to hundreds of dollars. You can collect them at all price ranges." While Wolfe has the need for speed, it's clear Colby likes things she can keep in the palm of her hand, and more than likely, she's found plenty of dolls and keys throughout her time on "American Pickers."