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We Finally Know When We'll See Palmer's Daughter On NCIS

Over the course of the last 19 seasons, "NCIS" has introduced audiences to a variety of relatives of NCIS personnel. From the entire Mossad storyline related to Ziva's father, Eli David (Michael Nouri), to regular appearances by Anthony DiNozzo Sr. (Robert Wagner), "NCIS" knows its fans enjoy meeting the immediate family members of the central team. Indeed, it's no secret that massive story arcs of "NCIS" have centered on themes related to the loss of family, including the pre-series deaths of the wife and daughter of NCIS Special Agent in Charge Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the Season 18 death of Emily Fornell (Juliette Angelo).

While most of these appearances have focused on the gun-toting members of the team, "NCIS" has also taken time to focus on the other vital employees of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, including both men who have held the title of Chief Medical Examiner. In Season 2, Episode 13 ("The Meat Puzzle"), we meet Victoria Mallard, the elderly mother of Donald "Ducky" Mallard (David McCallum). Sadly, Mrs. Mallard is revealed to have died in Season 7, Episode 17 ("Double Identity"). 

In the years since Ducky's retirement, we have also met more than a relatives of Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen), including his since-deceased wife, Breena (Michelle Pierce), and his father-in-law, Ed Slater (Larry Miller). However, there's one notable member of the Palmer family we haven't seen in quite sometime. 

According to a recent Instagram post by Dietzen, that's about to change.

Meet Victoria Palmer

In a recent post to his Instagram page, Dietzen shared a photo of himself and a young girl relaxing on production chairs in front of the green screen of MTAC (Multiple Threat Alert Center) on the set of "NCIS." In the post's caption, Dietzen asked the question, "Who's ready to meet Victoria?" Beneath this simple question, Dietzen appears to confirm that "NCIS" fans will finally meet Victoria Palmer, the daughter of Jimmy and his late wife, on February 28.

Dietzen's post is notable in a number of ways. Palmer's wife gave birth to their daughter and named her after Ducky's late mother in Season 12, Episode 13 ("We Build, We Fight"). However, Victoria's role in the upcoming episode will be her first appearance in the series since her birth. In the past few seasons, she has been mentioned a number of times, including in the aftermath of her mother's death from COVID-19 in Season 18 and as a recipient of a scholarship established in Gibbs' name in Season 19.

"NCIS" has been on a short hiatus since the release of Season 19, Episode 12 ("Fight or Flight") on January 24, but is now expected to return on February 28. According to a previous Twitter post by Dietzen, this episode will also include the reappearance of Meredith Eaton as Carol Wilson.