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Bruce Willis Just Made The Worst Kind Of Awards History

If you've been following the output of Bruce Willis lately, you know that he's entered what film buffs refer to as the "so long as the check clears" era of his career. In other words, he's churning out direct-to-video action movies at a faster clip than we could even list them all.

"Prolific" would be the polite word for what Willis has been up to lately. The actor has amassed a whopping eight feature credits for 2021 alone. But politeness doesn't have much to do with what we're here to discuss right now, which is the fact that Willis's prodigious output of late has prompted a certain infamous movie awards institution to create a whole new category just for him. And even though this isn't exactly the kind of awards milestone Willis was likely to be dreaming about as a young actor, it's also not the sort of thing that will likely encourage him to slow down. In fact, he might just be laughing all the way to the bank about the free publicity this development can garner.

The Razzies have unveiled a new category specifically for Bruce Willis

We're talking, of course, about the Razzies, the satirical awards program established in 1981 as a sort of negative counterprogramming for the Oscars that is meant to recognize the so-called worst of Hollywood.

The latest crop of Razzie nominations have just been released, and fans of the inglorious award show are being treated to a new category: "WORST PERFORMANCE by BRUCE WILLIS in a 2021 MOVIE." Willis will be competing against himself in the category, with his nominations coming from the films "American Siege," "Apex," "Cosmic Sin," "Deadlock," "Fortress," "Midnight in the Switchgrass," "Out of Death," and "Survive the Game."

Regardless of how you feel about the Razzies generally, you have to admit this is a pretty good joke, especially since Willis will probably keep working enough in the foreseeable future to keep it going for a while. His IMDb page currently has eight more projects slated for 2022 alone (as well as one 2023 release), so awards prognosticators can keep this new category in their portfolios for the next few years at least.