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This Multiplayer Wordle Clone Takes The Game To The Next Level

Early 2022 saw a simple daily word game take over the internet. Now, "Wordle" creator Josh Wardle has a deal with The New York Times (which has fans worried) and fans all over the world. "Wordle" inspired a horde of clones, but none quite lived up to the original. Now, a new contender has entered the ring, and it's gaining traction with streamers and ordinary fans alike.

"Squabble" looks and plays a lot like "Wordle," and even shares a rhyming name. However, it has one very important change from the original game: it's multiplayer. Journalist and author Clive Thompson tweeted about the new game, writing, "Behold 'Squabble': a multiplayer battle-royale version of Wordle. We could have predicted this. It's like viral evolutionary pressure. This is the Omicron of Wordle." While "Wordle" includes a popular "share" option that lets players show off their high scores, it doesn't actually allow for multiplayer modes. "Squabble" lets players go head to head, upping the competitive stakes of the word game and creating a chaotic, thrilling experience as games unfold side by side. The excitement of "Squabble" has even earned some attention from streamers, who have played the game live.

Who is playing Squabble?

"Squabble" has steadily gained a following online thanks to streamers like Ludwig and Sykkuno, who streamed the game together while waiting for their friends to join in on another title. In one stream, the pair faced off, earning praise from fans while playfully bantering with each other. The match was friendly, and it served to highlight the game's multiplayer possibilities. Ludwig also discussed "Squabble" on his own stream, suggesting that players experience it alongside "Wordle" because both games offer different benefits to players.

To make the game multiplayer, "Squabble" provides each player with a certain amount of HP, which decreases as other players solve words. Players that run out of HP are bumped out of the game, resulting in a ranked winners list. Perhaps the best benefit of "Squabble" is that there's no limit on how much one can play each day. While "Wordle" only allows players to enjoy one puzzle per day, "Squabble" lets gamers go head to head again and again. For anyone looking to up the stakes of their daily word puzzle, "Squabble" is a free, solid bet.