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The Worst Character In Bleach According To Fans

"Bleach," like many successful anime shows, started out as a manga the debuted all the way back in 2001. It was adapted into a TV anime series just a few years later (via IMDb), plus there have been several animated movies building on the story and evolving beloved characters to go along with it. The "Bleach" story revolves around Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student who wakes up one day and realizes that he can see dead people. This revelation leads to a series of adventures where he and his friends must fight to keep the world safe from evil forces.

To the disappointment of many fans, the series seemed to be over after Episode 366 debuted in spring 2012. But there's still a little bit more of this story to tell, and it'll be available to fans relatively soon. The show's official website has announced that the final arc will be debuting later this year, in October 2022. And as excited as fans are to get one last round of this supernatural anime saga, there's one character in particular that most fans may hope won't return if a Reddit vote on the worst "Bleach" character is anything to go by.

Kon is the Bleach character fans love to hate

This may come as a surprise (especially since there is a character named Chad on the show), but the "Bleach" character Kon takes the cake by a pretty wide margin when it comes to fans sharing their opinions on the worst character. On "Bleach," Kon is what is known as a Modified Soul (basically, an artificial soul that aids the human it inhabits to give them an enhanced edge when battling supernatural beings). Kon frequently appears in the form of a stuffed lion doll he inhabits, turning the plush toy into a sentient being with a bit of a dirty mind and some unbecoming, problematic behavior. But he also has a love for all living creatures which can be nice at times but can also be taken to the extreme.

Unfortunately for Kon, though, most "Bleach" fans weren't feeling his vibe while participating in a 2015 Reddit thread voting on the worst character from the series. Kon earned a whopping 14% of the votes for the worst character, with many viewers getting super honest about him in the comments. In a different Reddit post written in 2017 by u/Zachgetsu, they admit that Kon is an "over-the-top mind-in-the-gutter character." Fellow Redditor u/Arturo-Plateado weighed in on that thread, sharing they thought he's "really weird and creepy, to be honest."

Granted, cute mascots with dirty minds aren't for everyone. And despite many fans complaining about him, there are some willing to admit that he provides "funny comic relief" which is enjoyable for fans who can see past his personal flaws.