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Deadpool And Logan To Battle In New Marvel Comic Series

It's the fight that Marvel fans have been dying to see, and it will finally happen. It just won't be on movie screens.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel will release Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan, a five-issue crossover series, this fall.

Written by Declan Shalvey with art by Nailbiter's Mike Henderson, the series will center on both heroes as they compete to find a newly identified and incredibly powerful mutant. 

"We get to see both characters be the best at what they do, while also getting to see them be the classic odd-couple," Shalvey said in a statement from the publisher. "Both characters naturally bump heads against each other, which is a lot of fun to write." 

Henderson explained it like this: "[It's] a not so buddy-buddy buddy comedy with all the bickering, explosions and stabbing you'd expect from a comic starring Deadpool and Logan as they both race to do their version of the right thing by a young mutant." He said the entire thing feels like "a Jason Statham movie."

Take a look at some of the art below. 

Deadpool and Wolverine have faced off in the past, but this would be the first time that Old Man Logan (which was the inspiration for Logan) enters the mix. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has been trying to convince Hugh Jackman to make a movie that features both of the characters, but Jackman has repeatedly insisted that he's finished playing Wolverine. However, Reynolds thinks the pair would "light the screen on fire." Of course, Reynolds did appear as Deadpool in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but that was a shell of the Deadpool we've come to love. In fact, his mouth was sewn shut.

For now, this comic book series will be as close as we'll come to seeing this epic pairing. It hits newsstands in October.