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The Creepiest Crime Scene From CSI Season 11

You need a strong stomach if you're going to work with the Crime Scene Investigation Unit of a law enforcement agency. Heck, you need a strong stomach if you plan on indulging in a binge-watch of "CSI."

For 15 seasons, the show dropped viewers into some of the most despicable crime scenes ever depicted on television. Gruesome, heinous crimes took place on a daily basis for the unit, and it's up to the team to dissect the scene to determine who the criminals are. Things get pretty intense quickly, as the show often doesn't hold back in showing the carnage that's possible within human nature. However, suffice to say, some crime scenes are harder to swallow than others. 

Many would argue the Season 4 episode, "Feeling the Heat," has one of the most disturbing crimes in the show's history. But Season 11's "Sqweegel" may just give it a run for its money based on how genuinely unsettling the criminal is.

Sqweegel will invade your nightmares

Season 11's "Sqweegel" is named after the latex-clad serial killer with a peculiar M.O. The perpetrator dresses in a latex suit, not unlike the one seen on "American Horror Story: Murder House," and goes around targeting people who have lied about their accomplishments. Sqweegel stalks and eventually attacks these individuals, giving them a choice to either confess to their lies or face murder. 

The opening sequence is truly haunting, as the camera pans onto a wealthy philanthropist, only for her to fall victim to Sqweegel's attack, slashing her in the process. She lives, but an attack from a latex-bound person who moves and makes noises in such an unhuman manner isn't something you forget so easily.

We're not the only ones who have Sqweegel permanently scarred into their memories, either. When ranking the 15 best (and most disturbing) "CSI" episodes, Collider wrote that "Sqweegel" might be the "most terrifying episode in its 15 season run." It's all the more horrifying given the fact the murderous vigilante escapes custody at the end of the episode, so the audience never receives closure on the criminal. We never find out their name or where they went. So they could still be out there, waiting to attack the next person who tried to get away with a little white lie.