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Cillian Murphy Confirms What We Suspected All Along About Peaky Blinders Season 6

For five seasons, Cillian Murphy's Tommy Shelby and his less than merry family of rogues has fought against everything life threw at them — from the rough streets of Birmingham, England to the political arenas of London. The Shelbys started out as shell-shocked survivors of World War I, and by the end of Season 5, they've amassed even more trauma, even though it has come with a pretty huge helping of power and money. Still, even with a modicum of earthly comforts at their disposal, the show's characters find out time and time again that "Peaky Blinders" isn't a series where people get to be happy for long.

Season 6 of the popular gangster drama is fast incoming, and since the last season ended in a very ambiguous and potentially deadly situation, the fans have no doubt gathered that the gang isn't going to retire to a land of rainbows and lollipops in the immediate future. Now, Murphy has weighed in on the show's upcoming episodes, and he confirms what we suspected all along about "Peaky Blinders" Season 6.

Cillian Murphy says viewers can expect plenty of darkness

In an interview with Esquire, Cillian Murphy is all too happy to confirm that Season 6 of "Peaky Blinders" is, and we quote, indeed "dark as f***." Murphy also said that the darkness of the season's subject matter was made even worse when his co-star and friend Helen McCrory passed away.

Of course, the actor was hardly able — or, for that matter, willing — to provide a synopsis of the season or otherwise elaborate the upcoming darkness. He was equally elusive about whether the show's stated goal of Tommy Shelby's redemption arc will come to fruition, though he expressed some personal doubts about whether the character is beyond saving or not.  

"I think that's what [showrunner Steven Knight] was aiming for, with loads of wrong turns along the way," Murphy said. "But I don't know. I'll leave that to the court of public opinion. I don't know if he's been redeemed."