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Cult Thriller White Night Just Cast The Perfect Jim Jones

In recent years, Hollywood has discovered that viewers will show up to support a biopic. Whether it's a film about a renowned musician or a major political event, movie fans love tuning into flicks based on true stories. It's a major get for actors to land portrayals of legendary figures in history, as they often lead to acclaim and awards if the film is a knockout. Even a film like Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood" used the Charles Manson murders as a backdrop to the 60s-inspired revisionist film, a talking point in and of itself that garnered a lot of attention. 

Similarly, an upcoming thriller "White Night" is set to tell the story of one of the most infamous cults in history. The film will take on the story of Jim Jones who founded the People's Temple in Indiana in the 1950s. Jones started a seemingly-progressive Christian congregation that attracted thousands of followers over the years (via Rolling Stone). He ended up moving many of his followers to a settlement in Guyana in the mid-70s as his beliefs became more radical. Following a probe from the U.S. into the Jonestown settlement, Jones ordered a mass suicide of his followers, leading to more than 900 members of all ages drinking punch laced with cyanide (via The Atlantic). 

Now, ahead of production, "White Night" has selected its starring cast of characters, including one experienced biopic actor who will be taking on the role of the cult leader himself. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will portray the infamous Jim Jones

Deadline reports that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been cast to portray Jones in "White Night," which will be directed by Anne Sewitsky. The film will be based on Deborah Layton's memoir "Seductive Poison" and Chloë Grace Moretz will take on the role of Layton. Layton got heavily involved with People's Temple and was part of Jones' "inner circle" at one point. Filming is set to begin this spring. 

Gordon-Levitt's acting credits are expansive, but he's also worked as a director, writer, and producer for films like "Don Jon." He's starred in psychological thrillers like "Inception," as well as romantic comedies like "500 Days of Summer." "White Night" also won't be his first biopic — Gordon-Levitt portrayed whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2016's "Snowden" and Abraham Lincoln's son Robert Todd Lincoln in "Lincoln." But his portrayal of Jones will surely be unlike anything he's taken on before.