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Netflix Has Added The Feature We've All Been Waiting For

With hundreds upon hundreds of TV shows and movies on Netflix, one's backlog of unfinished shows can get pretty big. Sometimes, you just don't have the time to finish a series, even if you've been enjoying it. Other times, you try a series out and find that it isn't for you. Either way, it can be annoying when you drop a show or movie midway through, only to find it lingering in the "Continue Watching" section of your homepage every day for the next six weeks. If only there were some way to easily remove the duds, leave the studs, and save all your valuable brain space for the titles that actually matter to you.

Well, you're in luck, because Netflix has finally gotten around to adding the feature that we've all been waiting for (or perhaps the feature you never knew you wanted until now). That's right, you can now quickly remove individual titles from your "Continue Watching" list. It may seem like an obvious feature to have, but it's one that Netflix (and other streaming services, for that matter) have woefully lacked for some time. But now that Netflix has added the feature, clearing out your watchlist is as easy as pie.

How to remove titles from your Continue Watching list

Props to Netflix where it is due, the company may have neglected to add this fairly simple feature until now, but once they finally gave viewers the option, they made it especially easy. Collider reports that this feature is available on every version of Netflix, so whether you're watching on a computer, a phone, or a Smart TV, it shouldn't be an issue. All you have to do is scroll down to any title listed in the "Continue Watching" section, highlight it (or, in the case of computers, hover your mouse over it), and click on the large X symbol that says "remove from row."

With that, the title should disappear from the "Continue Watching" section immediately. Upon doing so, Netflix will ask you to provide feedback regarding why you chose to drop the series, and from then on, you can continue your binge-watching in peace. If you accidentally removed something you'd like to continue watching, you can still find it by searching for it. Other than that, you shall no longer be bothered by those pesky series that you never want to watch, but never seem to be rid of.