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The Curse Of Oak Island Crew Member Fans Wish Got More Love

"The Curse of Oak Island" is the perfect show for viewers who are fascinated with real-world history, adventures, and mysteries. Set on an island just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, the reality series chronicles the exploits of a group of adventures who traverse the tree-laden haven in search of the legendary treasure that is said to be buried beneath the dirt. Some expeditions have proven to be prosperous and unearthed notable gems, though the ultimate pot of gold still eludes the keen crusaders. At the same time, each new escape boasts the potential to uncover something of historical significance, and that's pretty neat.

While it's easy to focus on the premise of "The Curse of Oak Island," the series wouldn't have lasted for nine seasons and counting if the hosts weren't as captivating as the mysteries. They've been our guides for years, after all, investing their time and money into chasing their dreams for our entertainment. While the Lagina brothers and Charles Barkhouse are arguably the most famous explorers in the crew, there's one unsung hero some fans believe should get more respect.

Jack Begley deserves more respect

Jack Begley might not command the same amount of attention and acclaim as his co-stars in the grand scheme of things, but his personality and contributions to the show haven't been overlooked by some fans of "The Curse of Oak Island." For the most part, fans like Begley because he comes across as a decent human being with a great work ethic. "Jack gets a hard time for being/seeming a bit simple, but I have to give him credit for his enthusiasm, energy and willingness to work," wrote u/I_See_Through_Earth on Reddit.

Other fans enjoy Begley for being a beacon of positivity. Redditor u/Canoobie described him as the "friend you always make fun of for being so glass half full" but who "always makes you smile when he's around and then you feel bad." Some of these observations seem legitimate as well — Begley is a celebrity who genuinely appreciates his fan base. "Jack accepted my friend request on Facebook," u/pk826 revealed. "He is willing to interact with fans. He posts some interesting things from time to time."