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What Michelle Borth From Hawaii Five-0 Is Up To Now

Actress Michelle Borth appeared at least once in all 10 seasons of CBS's 2010 reboot of "Hawaii Five-0" (via IMDb). From 2010 to 2020, Borth played the role of Lieutenant Catherine Rollins, the on-again off-again girlfriend of Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin). Borth first arrived on the series in Season 1, Episode 4 ("Lanakila") in a recurring role, returning for two more episodes in the first season. In Season 2, Borth was downgraded to a guest role and only appeared in a total of two episodes. 

However, she was quickly given a promotion after the completion of five successful episodes. In Season 3, Borth was upped to series regular status, appearing in each and every episode of Season 3 and Season 4. Ultimately, however, this promotion was short lived. In 2014, Borth returned to a guest-star status, only starring in two episodes of Season 5. Though she briefly regained recurring status in Season 6 with three appearances, each subsequent season relegated her to only a single episode. We last saw her character in the "Hawaii Five-0" series finale, which aired on April 3, 2020.

With production on "Hawaii Five-0" having wrapped for sometime, some fans of the series are probably wondering what Borth is up to now.

Michelle Borth has worked on a number of different projects since Hawaii Five-0 ended

In the years since Michelle Borth's series regular role on "Hawaii Five-0" came to an end, she has appeared in a handful of different films, normally averaging about one project a year. These films include 2016's "Teenage Cocktail" and 2017's "Playing It Straight" (via IMDb). In 2018, Borth lent her talents to two different movies: "Conrad & Michelle: If Words Could Kill," a film which starred Bella Thorne (via IMDb), and "Devious Nanny," a TV movie in which Borth starred alongside actors Antonio Cupo and Olesya Rulin (via IMDb).

Borth's biggest film role came in 2019 with the release of the Zachary Levi-led "Shazam" (via IMDb). Borth portrayed the superhero version of Mary, the older sister of Billy Batson (Asher Angel / Zachary Levi). The younger-aged version of the character was portrayed by actress Grace Fulton. Notably, Borth is not set to return to this role in the sequel, "Shazam! Fury of the Gods," as Fulton will be taking over both versions of the character (via Twitter).

In 2020, Borth said a permanent goodbye to Lieutenant Rollins on "Hawaii Five-0." The next year, she appeared in a TV movie called "The Christmas Thief." According to Rotten Tomatoes, the synopsis of the film reads as follows: "Home for the holidays, a fledgling private eye realizes the only way to save her career is by solving a string of local burglaries where the main suspect is Santa Claus."