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The Trailer For Netflix's Texas Chainsaw Massacre Has Horror Fans Buzzing

It's been almost five decades since "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" first terrified audiences, and Leatherface is back to terrorize another group of teenagers. Though the slasher franchise has had a multitude of sequels, the newest film is not a remake or reboot, but also a direct sequel. In the vein of recent horror fare "Halloween" and "Candyman," the continuity of the film follows the events of the first "Texas Chain Saw Massacre."

When a new generation of youths travel to a ghost town in Texas, they hope to revitalize it and turn it into a bustling community. But as any horror fan knows, going to a desolate community unwanted is never a good sign. This is the home of Leatherface who will return for more scares. While this is a story that fans have seen before, the new film has significant weight behind it. Directors Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues were behind the "Evil Dead" reboot, and have come up with the story for "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (via Entertainment Weekly). And now with the newly released trailer, fans have a lot of opinions to express.

Not everyone is psyched to see the return of Sally

One of the biggest signs that this is a direct sequel is the return of original final girl, Sally Hardesty. As the sole survivor of "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre," the character clearly has some trauma to process and is out for revenge. Sally was originally portrayed by Marilyn Burns who died in 2014, so she will instead be played by Olwen Fouéré as a grizzled woman toting firearms.

As many fans have noted, this seems to be a direct response to the new version of "Halloween." Like Laurie Strode, Sally is a loner looking to go after the serial killer that tortured her and her friends. "Looks like it'll be fun. But honestly, I don't really need them to bring back [Marilyn Burns'] character, especially since she has passed. It's the whole Sarah Connor in t2 and Jamie Lee Curtis in new Halloween," commented Paul Forstall on YouTube. He wasn't alone. Many couldn't help but note the similarities. "I see some promise but It looks like they might have borrowed from Laurie Strode's story and given it to sally hardesty," commented Jrock16. "Try and be a bit more original."

Even though there were some criticisms of specific elements, there was a positive response to the trailer as well.

Fans are ready for the return of Leatherface

Tobe Hooper created an icon in "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre." The cannibalistic villain Leatherface has had many films since the original, some not as appreciated as others. "I've seen all these films, multiple times. The original TCM is my favorite horror flick ever. I've gotta say, I'm pretty excited to see Leatherface back on my screen. And this trailer looks pretty promising," commented Tim H on YouTube. "It's got to be better than the 2013 3-D disaster. And Fede Alvarez has a pretty impressive resume. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with this."

Other commenters had similar sentiments. Some were surprised at how impressive the trailer looks. "Looks good, actually there's a lot of bad remakes of good slasher movies, I know this is not a remake but I liked the trailer," commented GEEKSTRA. "This looks terrifying," agreed The Pettiest. "Can't wait."

Fans can see if "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" lives up to the original when it premieres on Netflix.