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The Best Time Jesse Pinkman Broke Character On Breaking Bad

AMC's critically acclaimed crime drama "Breaking Bad" is remembered for many things — whether it's Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) dark turn from high school chemistry teacher to ruthless drug lord, or the haunting scenes shot with excellent cinematography, to say nothing of the fact that the series rang in a new era of television — but being silly is not usually one of them. And yet, behind the scenes, it appears that silliness is exactly what the cast was up to.

For five seasons, the audience watches the characters break bad, but in the blooper reel they break character, which is only made more comical by its juxtaposition to the show's normally serious, suspenseful tone. In one great moment, Cranston breaks into laughter just before he starts his iconic "I am the danger" speech. As for his co-star Aaron Paul, he amusingly fumbles some of his lines as Jesse Pinkman throughout the bloopers. However, his funniest moment is when he delivers an improvised joke line, fully in character.

The hilarious version of Jesse and Walt's Season 3 argument

In the Season 3 episode "Green Light," Jesse wants to start making and selling his own meth, so he seeks out Walt — who has quit the business — to get the name of his contact. Ever the arrogant man, Walt refuses to let Jesse sell product similar to his own and the two argue, before Jesse bites out, "Eat me!" In the finished episode, Walt responds with an angry, "Anytime, loser," and Jesse drives away, but in the blooper reel, there's a lengthier version of this exchange that gets a little weird.

In the outtakes, Walt instead responds with: "Oh, I'll eat you alright." Staying mostly in character, but surely going off script, they begin an amusing back and forth that Walt escalates when he says, "Just when you don't wanna be eaten, that's when I'm gonna eat you." To get the last word in, Jesse fires back with a hilariously serious delivery of: "I always wanna be eaten." 

This version plays off like a funny argument, while the version that aired, sadly, highlights how poorly Walt treats Jesse throughout the series.