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The Naruto Moment Fans Agree Is One Of The Most Important On The Show

When the world of the shinobi is in danger, Naruto will always be there to answer the call for aid. Starting out as a lowly Genin, the titular hero climbs his way up the ladder of ninja society to become one of its greatest heroes. With every episode of "Naruto," the stakes of his journey grow higher and more personal, as his goals become more deeply entwined with the most pressing issues of his era. In time, it becomes apparent that both Naruto and what he does are of the utmost importance to the safety of the world, and it's that way for hundreds of episodes.

Out of all of Naruto's exploits, however, some are more important to the state of the world, and the series itself, than others. Moments like the failed retrieval of Sasuke, the defeat of Pain, and the awakening of Kaguya all stand as major turning points within the series, during which one can mark a considerable change. But overall, there is one moment that fans on Reddit agree is one of the most important in all of "Naruto."

Fans can't get over the end of Naruto's most bitter rivalry

One of the most important elements of "Naruto" as a series is the main character's bitter rivalry with the prodigy ninja, Sasuke Uchiha. Throughout the course of the series, the two young ninja constantly compete and cooperate with each other, building a hesitant friendship that endures until Sasuke leaves to pursue power under the tutelage of the evil Orochimaru. Even then, the two's shared experiences motivate Naruto to pursue Sasuke and reconvert him at all costs. So, for the majority of the show, that is what Naruto does. He isn't successful until the end of "Naruto," when the two fight to a draw. Both worn out from battle, the two lie next to each other and witness visions of each others' memories, leading to Sasuke finally admitting defeat. 

This moment, fans say, ranks among the most important in the show. "My favorite part is honestly the moment Sasuke saw himself in the row with Naruto's friends," wrote Redditor u/Rozenmarine-, continuing, "The way his facial expression changed so drastically was just powerful." Another user, u/Agorbs, commented, "That was one of the few spots in the series where I was genuinely close to crying. Sasuke finally breaking and realizing what he's done, oof." After seeing Naruto's memories, Sasuke can no longer deny that there are things more important than power. The bitterness of his clan's death initially drives Sasuke down a dark path. But, like many other villains, Naruto's compassion brings him back.