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The John Wick Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

One of the criticisms lobbied against astrology is that humans are always searching for meaning and connection in everything around them, even when it's not directly related to their experiences. The theory goes that if you hand a group of people a description of the exact same horoscope, they will all inevitably find aspects of themselves in it, even if it turns out it's not close to their birthday. 

When it comes to the "John Wick" franchise, fans are doing something very similar to those who believe in astrology. The series prompts viewers to seek answers and parse meaning from the subtle clues the story offers us, making as educated conclusions as possible about the enigmatic worldbuilding and cast of mysterious characters whose every line and movement we dissect for greater significance. 

In this sense, an imaginary zodiac of "John Wick" characters becomes highly appropriate, as so much of the series as well as astrology itself is up for personal interpretation. Unfortunately, though, we do see each zodiac's darker and more villainous qualities emerging through this violent underworld of murderers, mobsters, thieves, and everything monstrous in between. From the avenging assassin whose name gives the series its title to the ruthless desert-dwelling Elder, here is the "John Wick" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: John Wick

It wasn't just the murder of a puppy that sets John Wick (Keanu Reeves) on a brutal rampage of revenge that has killed hundreds so far. However, for an Aries, it can take far less to trigger one of their intense bouts of rage that will burn everything to the ground in retaliation. As the first and youngest of the zodiac signs, Aries acts first and thinks later (if at all) and their ability to hold a grudge is matched astrologically only by notorious Scorpios. 

Once an Aries has it in their head to do something they will not stop until that goal is reached, and there isn't a single character in the franchise who embodies Aries energy like its title character. John Wick's single-minded fury eventually even begins to lead to his own destruction, but in true Aries fashion, John doesn't care. He is on a mission to destroy everyone who forced him back into the criminal underworld he had left behind before the death of his beloved wife Helen (Bridget Moynahan). Aries are also steadfastly loyal. We see this in John's devotion to Helen, his allegiances to his new puppy, Dog, as well as to his old handler Winston (Ian McShane).

An Aries is someone you want on your team, and you don't want to anger unless you're willing to accept the full consequences of their explosive rage, a fact that denizens of the "John Wick" universe are learning the hard way.

Taurus: Charon

Always keeping a cool head under pressure is the hallmark of a Taurus, along with an accommodating manner that is generally helpful. That is, unless you push them too far for too long, that's when you'll see this bull energy explode into a bout of fury that often passes as quickly as it arrives. Taurus is a sign marked by loyalty and dedication, but only for those who deserve it, as a Taurus will constantly find ways to verify whether yours is the team they want to play for. 

For Charon, the concierge of the New York Continental Hotel, his duty lies with the loyal customers of the Continental and its manager Winston, so long as they follow the strict rules by which all guests must abide. From the first time we see Charon and John Wick together in "John Wick," there is an underlying sense that the two men have been through a lot and have a great deal of respect for one another. 

As the "John Wick" chapters go on, we see Charon's loyalty to Mr. Wick only grow. We feel his shock at witnessing not only Winston's absolute betrayal of his supposed ally John but also his conflict at Winston breaking a rule to conduct business on Continental grounds. As Taureans are methodical in their thought processes, only time will tell where Charon's loyalties will eventually fall as the "John Wick" series continues to unfold. 

Gemini: Winston

As the first dual sign of the zodiac, Gemini at their worst can be inconstant to a degree that no matter how long you might have known them, you're still not entirely sure you've ever seen their whole picture. This is partly due to their tendency to don multiple personas that shift depending on who they are talking to and what they might need from them. Nobody embodies this afflicted Gemini energy in the "John Wick" series like Winston Scott, the powerful and deceptive manager of New York's Continental Hotel. For almost the entirety of the franchise's first three chapters, we see Winston as one of John's biggest allies and champions, a symbiotic relationship that seems to benefit both men. 

However, all that changes when supporting John no longer serves Winston's desires for more power and he throws off the rooftop of the Continental, where John once more cheats death like only an Aries can manage. Gemini, in its most negative characterization, is someone who can speak in a commanding manner, but manages to reveal very little about their true selves, desires, or current machinations. For most Gemini, their life's work is balancing their considerable intellect and their emotions. Winston rejects this cosmic journey outright in calculated attempts to usurp more than his fair share, and the universe will indeed find a way to right these tipped scales, most likely through John Wick's retribution.

Cancer: Tick Tock Man

While Cancers are usually known for being sensitive, empathetic, homebodies, they have a darker side that they can leverage along with their innate sensitivity. Like its representative crab, Cancers are self-contained and carry their home on their backs, making them a force to be reckoned with since they often have very little physically to lose. We don't know much about the Bowery King's (Laurence Fishburne) right hand the Tick Tock Man (Jason Mantzoukas), other than he is obsessed with the passage of time and making sure everyone around him wastes. 

The Tick Tock Man doesn't appear to have much, as he doesn't even have a locker in the Bowery King's lair. However, he's still second in command to the Bowery King, which means he has a lot more than what we see on the surface. Cancers aren't known for their leadership skills or desires to lead, and the Tick Tock Man appears to have no designs for ruling, instead focusing on protecting his charges under the close supervision of the Bowery King. 

Thanks to their rulership from the intense energies of the moon, Cancers can surprise you when you least expect it, which is why you should never discount their power, even when it's as understated as Tick Tock's. Beyond that, we all need to ask ourselves how exactly The Tick Tock Man seems to always know exactly where John Wick will be, for better or worse. This is intuitive Cancer energy hard at work. 

Leo: Sofia Al-Azwar

With a Leo, it's their way or the highway. Symbolized by the lion, Leos are the heads of their packs (with a dazzling mane of hair), and they often get so caught up in the ways that they have learned to do things that they forget others have valid methods too. Their organization skills are excellent, as they feel the need to manage all the people around them and don't let anyone forget who's boss while they do it. For Sofia Al-Azwar (Halle Berry), her commanding presence heads the management of Casablanca's Continental as well as being the mama lion to her duo of incredibly trained and fierce fighting Belgian Malinois dogs. 

Grudges are par for the course with fire signs. It's clear that Sofia and John's troubled relationship might be years in the past, but it's still very much present for her. She does shoot him in the chest as a greeting, after all. However, like any classic Leo, Sofia also knows she owes John a huge debt in helping protect her daughter, and while she might not enjoy or want to help him in "John Wick: Chapter 3," she must do it even if their assassin's code via the blood marker oath doesn't require it. But she doesn't make it easy for John in the least. Angry Leos don't forgive or forget, as their personal pride always comes first.

Virgo: Aurelio

Virgos are affectionately known as the worriers of the zodiac since they have an excess of energy that needs regular outlets, and worrying is an "easy" way to blow off steam while imagining the worst that could happen. This is a meticulous and detail-oriented sign with the ability to see both the tiny parts that make up a thing as well as the big picture they all fit into, making technical vocations par for the course for Virgo. 

In Aurelio (John Leguizamo), John Wick's mechanic friend, we see big Virgo energy in action. Aurelio is one of the few people in the "John Wick" universe who doesn't seem to harbor any bad feelings towards John, but that doesn't mean he's not concerned about people who cross John inadvertently. This includes Iosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen), who not only steals John's prize Mustang but kills his puppy. Iosef gets a solid punch to the face once Aurelio realizes what he's done, a wake-up call this Virgo is happy to provide.

Aurelio's worries extend to John, as he knows John left the criminal underworld to start a new life and that the world isn't ready for an angry and brokenhearted John Wick on a new rampage. In classic Virgo style, when John brings Aurelio his absolutely demolished Mustang to see if he can fix it, Aurelio, of course, says yes. The harder the mental puzzle, the more a Virgo wants to solve it.

Libra: The Adjudicator

Represented by the scales, Libras are natural-born mediators who can see multiple sides of a situation and bring about the best outcome for all parties. This Libra energy is written right into the Adjudicator's (Asia Kate Dillon) job title for the criminal underworld's leadership wing, the High Table. Libras examine all the evidence and weigh things as evenly as they can, and this is the role the Adjudicator plays in the "John Wick" universe, albeit from a much darker perspective than one would expect from someone who has the German word for empathy tattooed across their neck. 

While it may seem ironic that the Adjudicator doles out eye-for-an-eye justice, people often forget that there is a dark side to empathy that involves balancing the scales quite literally, with violence traded for violence. This is a fatalistic side of this sign, where justice must be meted out by any means necessary. The Adjudicator confirms that crimes against the High Table have been committed by everyone from John Wick and outward, then sets punishments for all involved. 

Unfortunately for those in violation of their agreements with the High Table, there isn't more to their sides of the stories that The Adjudicator doesn't already know. If there was, we imagine that the Adjudicator would bring that Libra energy back into play and hear them out, potentially reducing the sentence for their crimes or even offering a pardon. Libras are all about evidence and principle, even if the results are uncomfortable.

Scorpio: Santino D'Antonio

In astro-philosopher Chani Nicholas' astrology self-study "You Were Born For This," she writes about Scorpio, "Your power lies in your ability to focus your energy. You may not win in the moment, but you are playing the longest game known to humankind ... Rarely does Scorpio shy away from the gory, the difficult, or the disastrous." These three lines sum up John Wick's nemesis Santino D'Antonio's (Riccardo Scamarcio) Scorpio vibe to the letter. 

When Santino arrives at John's house to collect on his blood marker by forcing John to murder his sister Gianna (Claudia Gerini), he already plans to double-cross John once this ghoulish deed is done and Santino's place at the Camorra High Table is secure. Like their representative, the scorpion, this zodiac sign brings with it an intensity that has heads turning before anyone knows who has walked into the room.

When afflicted, it's easy for Scorpio to wallow in a bath of jealousy, filled with all the negative emotions about any given situation where they feel they have been denied their due, hence Santino's gruesome plot. This is a sign that rivals Aries in stubbornness. The crucial difference, however, is the fact that when an Aries will show you they're upset from the get-go, a Scorpio will lie in wait and sting you in retaliation when you least expect it. Santino's unbridled Scorpio energy has disastrous consequences for literally everyone he touches in the "John Wick" universe, ultimately including himself.

Sagittarius: The Director

Like its representative symbol, the centaur hunter, Sagittarius is always on the lookout for the next big thing, so much that sometimes they get caught up in change just for change's sake. This is a zodiac sign positively built for successful multitasking, as a Sagittarius isn't content unless they have multiple objectives they are juggling simultaneously. 

In "John Wick: Chapter 3," we meet the Director (Anjelica Huston), who is publically known as the esteemed director of a world-famous ballet company. However, her underworld persona is that of a human trafficker and assassin trainer, which is how she meets John Wick as a young orphan named Jardani Jovonovich. To anyone else, this all would be too much to handle, but not for someone with Sagittarius' energy, which thrives in a constantly changing environment. The Director thrives on having so many people to manage at any given moment, both on the public theatre stage and behind the scenes. 

However, even the most organized Sagittarius gets lost in their own chaos, which is exactly what happens when John Wick comes to the Director. John cashes in their rosary version of the blood oath marker, demanding her help and leaving her to pay a devastating physical price for it. Yet, the Director takes her due punishment with characteristic stoicism and then gets on with her ballet production. The show must always go on, right? That's a Sagittarius right there. 

Capricorn: Zero

Like their Aries cousins, Capricorns also have a single-minded focus on one single goal that they will not move on from until they have achieved it. Even if it's not good for them, they tend to do this more quietly and with a lot more forethought before acting. Like a goat climbing a 90-degree precipice, balancing and carefully placing each hoof on the next foothold, Capricorn energy is dedicated and often guileless in their pursuit of an assignment, and they will get the job done no matter what. 

In the case of one of the Adjudicator's enforcers, Zero (Mark Dacascos), we see a relentless fighter who butts heads with John Wick on multiple violent occasions during "John Wick: Chapter 3." Despite the intensity of these encounters, Zero still survives almost to the end of the film before being dispatched by John with his own samurai sword. Even in his moment of death, Zero does not fall. He holds his broken body upright and proud until the moment the last bit of life is extinguished. It takes a lot to bring down a Capricorn. 

Capricorns tend to have a wry sense of humor that can be darkly charming, and Zero is no exception. His fanboy moment with John Wick in the lobby of the Continental is a precious moment of levity in the cascade of bullets, and his absolute lack of pretension in this comedic moment perfectly embodies that zesty Capricorn spirit.

Aquarius: The Bowery King

As one of the final signs of the zodiac and a fully matured air sign, Aquarius brings a unique energy that creates stand-out, idealistic, and helpful individuals who often have quirky or eccentric personalities to boot. This is a friendly sign on the surface that prides itself on its independence in thought and action, as well as a persona that balks at inhibitions, especially those imposed by external forces. For the Bowery King, he might be part of the world of the High Table, but he makes his own rules for his Soup Kitchen organization. Until John Wick walks back into his life, the Bowery King is in control of his own destiny. 

For Aquarius, communications is a great field of work since it relies on their natural abilities to connect people and information. This is exactly what the Bowery King does with his cadre of carrier pigeons and faux-homeless people all over New York City who serve as off-the-grid eyes and ears. Since Aquarians take immense pride in going their own way without oversight, we can only imagine how hard it must have been for him to pledge fealty to the High Table. 

Since it was fealty or death, these extreme circumstances forced the Bowery King's Aquarius energy into extreme concessions for his survival. It would not be surprising if a future "John Wick" installments see the Bowery King breaking free of this new bond and resuming his old method of unattached work.

Pisces: The Elder

Pisces is the final and most mature of all the zodiac signs, where all the cosmic energies distill into an intuitive, empathetic, and creative personality that has a quiet power to draw others to them. This is a sign that is prone to prophetic dreams and can access collective knowledge from the universal ether to help themselves and others as needed. As we see in "John Wick: Chapter 3," the Elder (Saïd Taghmaoui) isn't actually all that old, but Pisces energy doesn't need to look older than its age to have that kind of ancient power. 

However, Pisces are similar to their Aquarius cousins in their humanitarian-minded behavior, as afflicted Pisces will use another's worst fears and traumas against them to get what they want. This is exactly what the Elder does in making a terrible bargain with John Wick — kill his friend and ally Winston so that he may live to remember his beloved wife Helen. Of course, the bargain simultaneously requires a blood sacrifice of John's wedding ring finger and treasured ring to atone for his many crimes against the High Table. 

Pisces are acutely aware of other peoples' suffering, which only makes the Elder's offer to John all the more ghoulish. He feels in his own blood the horror of this request, but does it regardless because of his own loyalty to and elevated place within the global High Table.