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The Jackass Cast Member You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In their first film since 2010's "Jackass 3D," the cast and crew of "Jackass" have reunited for more outrageous antics and boneheaded stunts in "Jackass Forever." Actor and comedian Johnny Knoxville is teaming up once again with director and producer Jeff Tremaine, as well as other fellow daredevils from the original series. Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Preston Lacy, Ehren McGhehey, and Jason "Wee Man" Acuña all return for the movie.

Making its television debut on MTV in 2000, the aptly named "Jackass" gained massive fame and notoriety for its showcase of dangerously wild stunts and extreme pranks. Throwing all reason and safety precautions out the window, "Jackass" continues to be a cultural phenomenon. In the end, it all comes down to a group of friends making memories that will last a lifetime and having a lot of fun in the process. Know what else is fun? Figuring out which "Jackass" cast member you are based on your zodiac sign. Nice segue, right? So let's get to it!

Aries: Mat Hoffman

With his precedent-setting skills and two X Games gold medals under his belt, Mat Hoffman is one of the best BMX riders in the biz. He made a name for himself when he was just 11 years old when he first competed at the Madison Square Garden in 1989, via Mpora. He turned pro at age 15 and only a few years later launched two companies -– Hoffman Bikes and Hoffman Promotions. He is also the founder of the Hoffman Sportsman Association, which is responsible for hosting BMX events around the world. Even wearing a fat suit in 2002's "Jackass: The Movie" could barely stop Hoffman from pulling off some sick moves.

With all of his boundless energy and ability to face death-defying challenges head-on, Hoffman shares traits best associated with the Aries sign. Like Hoffman, Aries are highly competitive, passionate, and love to experience new things. They are also well organized, sympathetic, and honest. Although their arrogance tends to make them a bit overconfident, Aries are natural leaders that anyone would gladly follow. 

Taurus: Jason Acuña

One of the most notable original "Jackass" cast members, Jason Acuña takes advantage of his small stature to play big pranks on the unsuspecting public. As a professional skateboarder, it was his connection with Jeff Tremaine at Big Brother magazine that helped Acuña become a major player on the show, via The New York Times. He is famous for some of the series' most memorable moments, including lifting basketball great Shaquille O'Neal on his back and skateboarding while dressed as an Oompa Loompa. He has appeared in each of the "Jackass" films since 2002 and will be returning for more in "Jackass Forever."

As a Taurus born on May 16, Acuña has many attributes that align with the sign of the bull. Those who fall under this portion of the zodiac are tenacious, strong-willed, and dedicated. Tauruses also tend to be perfectionists and will be quick to show their temper if things don't go their way. However, they are also extremely loyal and devoted companions who will stay with you until the end.

Gemini: Steve-O

No one in the "Jackass" cast has quite pushed the envelope when it comes to dangerous stunts like Stephen Glover, aka Steve-O. One of the show's original "Wildboyz," Steve-O has always pushed himself to the limit, going above and beyond expectations. As a child, he and his family moved around a lot, and he has lived in various cities all over the world. According to his official biography, his knack for performing led to him attending the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College. Eventually, his talent for clowning got him the attention of Jeff Tremaine, and Steve-O was encouraged to perform his attention-getting buffoonery for "Jackass."

While he has still maintained his "wild and crazy" roots, Steve-O has settled down a bit over the last decade. He got sober, started a stand-up career, and has been a dedicated advocate for animal rights who has even collaborated with PETA. Born on June 13, Steve-O is a Gemini. Geminis are impulsive, intelligent, and extroverted, yet they also can have trouble focusing on one thing at a time. Family is of big importance to a Gemini, as is the ability to communicate honestly and openly. If this sounds like you, then you have a lot in common with this "Jackass" star.

Cancer: Chris Pontius

Like a number of his fellow "Jackass" castmates, Chris Pontius found his way into the world of outrageous exploits through his work with Big Brother magazine, via KQED. Originally, Pontius worked for the magazine as a travel writer, and his penchant for trying new and daring things made him the perfect candidate for Tremaine and Knoxville's new show. It also helped that Pontius wasn't afraid to show off his bare buttocks on camera -– frequently and enthusiastically. After "Jackass" the series was taken off MTV, Pontius joined Steve-O as a co-host for the nature spin-off series, "Wildboyz."

Born on July 16, Pontius falls under the Cancer sign of the zodiac. Like their symbol –- the crab -– Cancers can be hard to read due to their tough exterior. Yet when a Cancer chooses to come out of its shell, they are very loving, compassionate, and loyal friends. They are known for being very in touch with their emotions and can come off as being a tad moody. Cancers also prefer a small group of close-knit friends rather than a large social circle, but that just makes them all the more connected with the ones who are closest to them.

Leo: Preston Lacy

Getting his start on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," comedian Preston Lacy was no stranger to making people laugh, even before joining "Jackass." He and Johnny Knoxville met while both on a commercial audition, and the two immediately bonded. Lacy began first as a writer on "Jackass" before Knoxville convinced him to join in on the stunts, as he remembered in an interview with the Dallas Observer. Perhaps his most memorable contribution to the show was frequently chasing Jason Acuña while the two were stripped down to their skivvies. Since then, he has appeared in each of the "Jackass" films and will be reuniting with his fellows in "Jackass Forever." Lacy has also found success with a stand-up comedy career, touring around the country and appearing in a number of festivals.

Lacy is a Leo, born on August 14. Like the lion that symbolizes this zodiac sign, Leos are natural leaders. Fearless and proud, Leos are born entertainers, and they are unafraid to live life to the fullest. The downside is that Leos tend to be rigid and have trouble adapting to change. However, their protective nature and generous spirit make Leos some of the best people to be around, as does their energetic and fun personalities.

Virgo: Ryan Dunn

A native of the midwest United States, Ryan Dunn participated in wild video stunts with Bam Margera before joining the "Jackass" crew. Dunn and Margera first met when they attended the same high school in West Chester, Pennsylvania, as noted by The Philadelphia Inquirer. Margera's CKY videos drew the attention of Jeff Tremaine, who recruited both Margera and Dunn for the "Jackass" TV show. Some fans may remember him for his golf cart wipeout in "Jackass: The Movie" and for inserting a toy car into his rectum.

Dunn was killed in a car accident in 2011 when he drove his vehicle off the road. Toxicology reports stated that his blood-alcohol level was two and a half times the allowed legal limit, via Digital Spy. Dunn's friend and passenger, Zachary Hartwell, also died in the crash.

Many of those closest to Dunn would praise him for his generous nature and willingness to "do anything for a friend," as reported by MTV News. These traits go hand-in-hand with the Virgo sign, as did Dunn's willingness to put all his effort into whatever he set his mind to. Virgos are critical thinkers and diligent workers, which can often lead to them forgetting to relax and take a break once in a while. And like Dunn, Virgos are sympathetic, loving, and true friends.

Libra: Bam Margera

Although he may be the source of recent controversy for the "Jackass Forever" movie, former pro skater Bam Margera remains one of the most notable original members of the "Jackass" family. His talent with a deck was perhaps only slightly overpowered by his willingness to perform masochistic antics on camera. Born as Brandon Margera, Bam got his start making skate and stunt videos under the brand name CKY. When "Jackass" producer Jeff Tremaine saw the CKY series, he knew he wanted Bam for his own wild stunt show, via Mel Magazine. Following the end of "Jackass," Margera would go on to create his own spin-off series, "Viva La Bam."

With his birthday on September 28, Margera falls under the Libra sign. With the scales as their symbol, Libras need to have balance in every aspect of their lives. They are extremely outgoing and laid-back individuals. They also tend to fall into the trap of over self-indulgence. Mostly, they are kind and caring, and try their best to keep things peaceful, even if that hasn't always been the case for Margera and the "Jackass" crew.

Scorpio: Loomis Fall

An eclectic musician with an eccentric fashion sense, Loomis Fall has appeared as a guest numerous times on the "Jackass" TV show and was featured in all four movies. He has participated in a number of dangerous stunts, including a game of beehive tetherball, as well as braving the blast of a jet engine while holding an umbrella. When he isn't allowing himself to be subjected to torture and general mayhem, Fall is a seasoned musician and songwriter. He was a member of the California pop-punk band Wax in the early 1990s, via Punk News, and has also participated in many other music projects.

If your zodiac sign is Scorpio, you have a lot in common with the mysterious and elusive Fall. Scorpios are extremely passionate, but slow to trust. Many of those under the sign of the scorpion have a natural artistic talent, whether it be painting, crafting, or music. Scorpios tend to throw themselves headfirst into a project without reservations or hesitation. Just don't forget to make sure you have health insurance first.

Sagittarius: Ehren McGhehey

Yet another "Jackass" cast member who got his start in pro skateboarding, Ehren McGhehey, often called "Danger Ehren," is no stranger to pain. An Oregon native, McGhehey grew up with mortician parents. His time spent in a mortuary taught him that life is short, so he learned to live it to the fullest. McGhehey went from skateboarding to snowboarding until a serious injury ended his snowboarding career, as reported by Willamette Week. Being used to getting hurt regularly made McGhehey the perfect fit for "Jackass." He is perhaps best known for getting his front tooth ripped out by attaching it to a fishing line being pulled by a Lamborghini.

Born on November 29, McGhehey is an atypical Sagittarius. This fire sign is constantly on a full speed ahead, do-or-die mentality. Sagittariuses are often fearless, energetic, and love a good challenge. This can also lead to recklessness, and they have a tendency to rebel against authority. Sagittariuses are more than risk-takers, however -– they are actually very thoughtful, sympathetic, and caring, often proving to be very loyal friends.

Capricorn: Dave England

Known for being perhaps the grossest member of the "Jackass" crew, Dave England began his career as a pro snowboarder. England was the editor for Snowboarder Magazine and Blunt -– the latter of which was under the same umbrella as Jeff Tremaine's Big Brother skateboarding magazine, via VC Reporter. England's talents would often lie in both the excretion and ingestion of disgusting substances, on top of participating in outrageous stunts. He also confirmed on "Steve-O's Wild Ride!" that he has only one testicle, which was the result of a snowboarding injury in New Zealand.

Born on December 30, England is a Capricorn, which has a half-goat, half-fish as its symbol. This symbol represents the dual nature of most Capricorns – one side is driven and ambitious, while the other has difficulty overcoming tough obstacles. Capricorns tend to be competitive and like to view things logically. However, sometimes their analytical approach to life can make them seem cold. They are dedicated and hard-working, and prefer stability as opposed to constant change.

Tony Hawk: Aquarius

Apart from being one of skateboarding's biggest pros, Tony Hawk is a trailblazer with many accomplishments under his belt. He is the founder of skateboard company Birdhouse and had a hugely successful video game franchise named for him. Hawk started the Tony Hawk Foundation in 2002, which was later renamed The Skatepark Project. The charity has been awarded over $10 million to build skateparks for underprivileged youth all over the world.

Hawk has appeared in each of the "Jackass" films so far, performing outlandish stunts for the camera. Some of his best-known feats include skating "The Loop" and braving the Gauntlet in "Jackass Number Two." In 2021, Hawk appeared as a guest on "Steve-O's Wild Ride!," where he revealed the details of his worst injury ever while shooting "Wildboyz."

Hawk shares many aspects with those born under the Aquarius sign. Aquarians are often calm and reserved, but they know how to have fun. They can be very sensitive, sometimes needing a lot of praise and positive reinforcement. Those born under this air sign have high ideals and are always looking to the future. Aquarians value fairness above all and will work hard to ensure that everyone is treated equally.

Pisces: Johnny Knoxville

Born as Philip John Clapp, Johnny Knoxville moved from Tennessee to Los Angeles in 1989 with dreams of Hollywood. His hopes for an acting career quickly fizzled out, so he decided to do his own thing, pitching the idea of testing out self-defense equipment on himself, as he remembered in an oral history of the franchise for The Hollywood Reporter. This caught the attention of Jeff Tremaine, an editor for a skateboard magazine called Big Brother. Together, Knoxville and Tremaine created the series that would become "Jackass" and managed to get MTV onboard.

Knoxville himself is a Pisces, born March 11, 1971, and it's easy to see how he shares many traits with this water sign. Pisces are known for having big aspirations and creative imaginations –- both of which Knoxville has in abundance. Pisceans are also laid back and able to get along with just about anyone, which explains Knoxville's ability to get his pals to go along with some of his crazy ideas. They are idealistic and driven — and with their head so often in the clouds, Pisceans often have trouble keeping their feet on the ground. Nevertheless, those born under this sign are steadfast friends who are always willing to lend a sympathetic ear.