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How To Get The Unlimited Ammo Scorpion Gun In Halo Infinite

"Halo Infinite" has its fair share of powerful weapons, but it's hard to think of one more powerful than the Scorpion Gun. Not only can it allegedly one-shot most enemies, but it also has unlimited ammo. However, it's not easy to find. Unlike other weapons in the game, it's unmarked, essentially invisible unless you know where to find it.

Kotaku spoke with a speedrunner named Tom, who beat "Halo Infinite" campaign without taking any damage partly thanks to the Scorpion Gun. He explained that his fight against Tremonius, one of the first bosses in the game, was "somewhat easier" because of the unlimited ammo weapon he acquired before the encounter.

"You won't see a prompt to pick it up, nor will you even physically see it," Kotaku warned when describing where to find the gun, "but by holding down the "equip" prompt, you'll be able to wield it." This mobile version of the scorpion tank takes up two weapon slots and has a slower fire rate than usual. However, this unlimited ammo Scorpion Gun isn't exactly a secret. "Halo" fans across the internet know where it is. Here's how to unlock the unlimited ammo Scorpion Gun in the "Halo Infinite" campaign.

Where to find the Scorpion Gun exactly

StarStalker28 is just one person who found out about the Scorpion Gun hack early. He explained in his video that his brother found the portable tank unexpectedly early on in the campaign. As Kotaku mentioned, it's invisible, so it's not easy to discover unless you know what you're looking for. At that point, he'd already progressed too far in the campaign to get it, so he restarted his entire run.

Players can only get the gun early on in the game when they first visit Tremonius' base. If they go to the anti-aircraft cannons to the far wall, they should see two cannons. Climbing up the second one should offer a prompt to equip the untethered cannon.

In the end, restarting the game was worth it. StarStalker described this mobile Scorpion Gun as basically an unhinged railgun that two-shots nearly everything in the game from the most basic enemies to flying warships. "Nothing can survive you, even on the hardest difficulty in the game," StarStalker claimed.

"Halo Infinite" came out last year on December 8, 2021. If you already reached the ending of "Halo Infinite" or aren't interested in it, the Scorpion Gun might just change your perspective on things.