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How Long Does It Take To Beat Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

After being leaked nearly two weeks before its official release, "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" has made its way to the Switch. Critic reviews have dropped, and things are looking promising for the new title. "Pokemon Legends" is a different approach to "Pokemon," scrapping the usual ideas of a 10-year-old leaving home to become the champion of their region and usually stopping some criminal organization from doing something wacky with Pokemon. 

Instead, "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" is an open-world style game where players assist researchers in an early version of the Sinnoh region. The first "Pokemon" game set in the past, it has "Monster Hunter" style quests, where players need to battle or capture a certain number of Pokemon to fully research them. There aren't any gyms or badges to collect like traditional "Pokemon" games, leaving fans unsure of what to expect. How long does it take to beat "Pokemon Legends: Arceus?" As with any open-ended game, the answer varies. 

Roughly 25-30 hours, but with much more potential

Unfortunately, the amount of time it takes to complete "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" is information that reviewers were not allowed to disclose due to Nintendo's embargo restrictions, according to Digital Trends. However, its reviewer suggested dedicated fans would be occupied for "dozens of hours." Comicbook.com said in its review that even casual players could dump "hundreds of hours" into "Pokemon Legends: Arceus."

Fortunately, people who obtained leaked copies of "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" aren't restricted by what they can or can't say. PoryLeeks on Twitter said they completed the main game in 20 hours, however that was rushing through the game. They estimated something closer to 30 to 35 doing more side quests. In a GameFAQS thread, most people were reported 20-25 for story completion, with options to embark on other quests. There appears to be more Pokemon to collect and research after completing the game, so anyone looking to "catch-em all" should get plenty of more hours out of "Arceus." If "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" is successful, it could change the franchise forever, paving the way for a new type of "Pokemon" game.