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Is This The Most Powerful Sealing Jutsu In Naruto?

"Naruto" is one of the absolute biggest names of the manga and anime world. Masashi Kishimoto's series about Chakra-powered ninjas and mysterious entities is arguably as ubiquitous as household names "One Piece" and "Dragon Ball Z," and easily as wild as either of them.  

Being a massive and long-running franchise, the entire "Naruto" storyline is a sprawling story that goes to some pretty strange places. However, throughout the series, the wild battles between increasingly powerful characters is a recurring theme. In these fights, the combatants utilize energy techniques known as Jutsu, and as any half-decent supernaturally-powered martial arts combatant will tell you, simple offense isn't always the key to victory. In fact, more than one fight reaches its turning point with the use of the more defensive techniques of Sealing Jutsu, or Fūinjutsu. These are a class of maneuvers that rank pretty high on the list of ways one can put an end to an unsavory situation, and as the name implies, this particular Jutsu type specializes in sealing things using other, often pretty innovative things. 

A good Sealing Jutsu game is an incredibly handy skillset in fights against enemies a character can't otherwise defeat ... but which, among all Sealing Jutsu techniques, is the most powerful? Could it be this one?

Six Paths Planetary Devastation can incapacitate even the strongest opponent

There are countless Sealing Jutsu types in the "Naruto" universe. Depending on the user and their particular skills and preferences, they could render an opponent immobile with mystical chains with a Cosmic Chain Prison, or perhaps use a Reaper Death Seal to trap someone's soul inside a demonic entity — at the cost of the same thing happening to the user's own soul, no less. 

Given the vast variety of Fūinjutsu techniques out there, and the wealth of powerful characters in the "Naruto" universe, it can be hard to determine any single Sealing Jutsu that overshadows the rest. However, if push comes to shove, you could argue that the co-operative technique known as Six Paths Planetary Devastation overshadows the competition, thanks to the sheer level of power involved — and thanks to the fact that it has been used to incapacitate the massively powerful Kaguya, who's arguably the strongest entity the franchise has ever seen.  

So, what does the technique do, then? Oh, not a lot. It simply renders the target helpless, trapping them inside a moon-sized celestial body it creates around them. Talk about a finishing maneuver.