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The Adventure Time Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It's rather surprising given all of the magic, spirituality, and space travel in "Adventure Time" that the show never involves any astrology. It never directly includes Tarot either, but Tarot is significantly referenced in the "Stakes” miniseries as (almost) all of the vampires that the team has to hunt down are named after Tarot cards. Yet astrology doesn't get so much as an offhanded reference in a joke throughout the show.

So for fans of the long-running modern classic who also like astrology, we thought we'd bring those interests together and give our thoughts on which "Adventure Time" character you are based on your zodiac sign. We've used the sign descriptions from Astrology.com below to match each sign with a character from the show. Sadly some fan-favorite characters just don't match well with any of the signs, so apologies to BMO and Lemongrab fans. Rather than force matches, we've found the characters who most exemplify each zodiac sign.

Aries: Marceline

Aries are "a bundle of energy and dynamism" characterized by great "personal magnetism." While there are certainly a number of "Adventure Time" characters with significant fans in the real world, the character with the greatest personal magnetism and fans in the land of Ooo is the one and only vampire queen Marceline.

Sure, Princess Bubblegum and the King of Ooo have their political supporters and loyal subjects, but Marceline is the only character in the show with a legion of fans. We see how much the diverse denizens of Ooo love her when she plays a packed concert to ghosts in "Marcy and Hunson" and nearly causes a riot in the Candy Kingdom by pausing her performance at the battle of the bands in "The Music Hole."

Along with her charisma, Marcy is also marked as an Aries by her actions. Aries are often "first in line to get things going," but they "prefer to initiate rather than complete" and we see this with Marcy in both "The Empress Eyes" and "Sky Witch" when Marcy springs into action without entirely thinking through a plan and then has to be helped by Princess Bubblegum.

Speaking of Princess Bubblegum, Aries also always let you know "where you stand with" them, and as we see in "What Was Missing" Marcy is extremely comfortable being open with PB about how she feels. Of course, "Aries' directness can come across as blunt, harsh, and even cruel," and sometimes their words come out wrong. Marceline is a true Aries, with all the strengths and weaknesses of the sign.

Taurus: Jake

Tauruses love "the good life in all its guises" from art to "a good meal and fine wine." No "Adventure Time" character so much epitomizes this way of being more than Jake. Jake is such a lover of food that he is literally incapable of wishing for anything other than a sandwich whenever he is offered a wish as we see in episodes "The Limit," "Graybles 1000+," and "Jake the Dog." But he's not just a lover of food, he's also a great chef, we see him make a delicious meatloaf in "Jake Suit" and bacon pancakes in "Burning Low," and we even see him brought to tears when he makes "the greatest sandwich ever made" in "Time Sandwich."

Jake's love of the good life extends to art as well. We see that he is a talented and versatile viola player when he plays pieces of Beethoven, Mozart, and Wagner in "The Eyes." And in "My Two Favorite People" we learn that a key aspect of Jake and Lady Rainicorn's romance is that they play viola together every day. The ability to maintain an everyday plan highlights another aspect of Jake as a Taurus, as Tauruses are "reliable ... steady ... and dogged in honoring their commitments."

Gemini: Betty

Geminis are "intellectually inclined, forever probing people and places in search of information" and "supremely interested in developing their relationships" and Betty is the "Adventure Time" character that most personifies those two personality aspects, especially in tandem. Betty literally travels 1,000 years into the future to be with Simon/Ice King in "Betty" and then dedicates herself to bringing her intellect to bear on curing Ice King of his crown-induced madness so that she can have the man she loved back. We also see her use her great intellect to study the Enchiridion throughout the "Elements" miniseries.

It's also telling that while they can use their intelligence to "rationalize forever and a day, Geminis also have a surplus of imagination" given that Betty decides to expand on her scientific abilities by taking on Magic Man's powers in "You Forgot Your Floaties." This ability to adapt shows a Gemini's ability "to blend into any environment easily." Which we also see when, after traveling to the future in "Betty" she doesn't bat an eye at Jake being a talking dog.

But along with her deep love for Simon and her great intellect and imagination, Betty is somewhat chaotic, especially after receiving Magic Man's powers. Her ability to adapt also makes her more comfortable being non-committal, as we see in "Skyhooks II" when she abandons Finn in the quest to save Ooo to instead focus her powers on saving Simon.

Cancer: Tree Trunks

Cancers are "all about home," and they "take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family" and are "maternal, domestic, and love to nurture others." It's no wonder then the character who most embodies this sign is the little elephant known for her amazing apple pies Tree Trunks. We first meet Tree Trunks in the eponymous "Tree Trunks" episode and see her maternal and nurturing nature as she lovingly makes them an apple pie. It's easy to see early on that Tree Trunks, like any cancer, is "always ready to host, and set a table." We see her maternal nature when she excitedly accepts giant baby Sweet P left at her doorstep in "Escape From the Citadel" and proceeds to be a loving mother in episodes like "Gold Stars." 

Cancers are also known to "wear their heart on their sleeve" and can "get emotional about things." And we see Tree Trunks do just this when she cannot bear to be separated from Mr. Pig in "Dream of Love" and when she angrily enlists Finn and Jake to go after some "ne'er-do-wells" who she believes stole her apples in "Apple Thief." This anger makes sense as cancers "are ... vigilant about protecting themselves" and there's nothing that Tree Trunks cares more about than her apples.

In her loyalty to the King of Ooo we see the patriotism and "sympathy for the underdog" of the cancer combine as Tree Trunks cannot bring herself to support Princess Bubblegum's rule and instead champions the (very fairly) less beloved King of Ooo's claims to the throne of the Candy Kingdom.

Leo: Lumpy Space Princess

Leos "love being center stage" and "have a flair for the dramatic" with their greatest strengths being their confidence and "self-assuredness" and it's hard to think of any character that more perfectly fits that description than Lumpy Space Princess (aka LSP). We see her total belief in her main character status throughout the series. When she joins a pack of wolves and narrativizes their lives around her in "The Monster." When she writes a gender-swapped fanfiction about herself following Ice King's example and makes her analog the hero. Perhaps most telling of her confidence, she's immediately ready to step into the lead role of her play when Tree Trunks backs out of the role in "Summer Showers" and tries to make Tree Trunks' wedding her own in "Apple Wedding."

Like any Leo, "being so confident and optimistic [herself, she tends] to see [her] friends and loved ones through the same lens, encouraging their abilities and self-confidence as well." We see this in "Gotcha!" when LSP assumes that Turtle Princess must be having trouble keeping away all the men who want her "turtle lumps" and in "Princess Day" when she and Marceline spend the day together exacting revenge on Breakfast Princess and complimenting each other's styles.

Virgo: Peppermint Butler

Astrology.com tells us "Virgos ... were born to serve, and it gives them great joy" so it shouldn't come as any surprise that Peppermint Butler, Princess Bubblegum's loyal manservant, is the most Virgo character in all of Ooo. But it's not just that Peppermint Butler has a great sense of duty and is "happy to be at the service of friends and family" that makes him a Virgo. He spends his free time "busy working on improving [himself]" through his study of the dark arts, which benefits from his "methodical and efficient" nature and requires his great "attention to detail."

While confident in his skills as a practitioner of the dark arts, we see him remain "modest and ... sensible" in "Nemesis" when he stops himself from further taunting Peace Master and acknowledges that he went too far by being mean at all. We also see his "highly functional mind ... become overactive, leading to worry, anxiety [and] self-doubt" in "Checkmate" when he frets about how best to ask the Vampire King for an autograph and is paralyzed at their first meeting.

Libra: Ice King

Libra is "the sign of Partnership with a capital 'P' because these folks do not want to be alone" and that doesn't describe anyone in "Adventure Time" better than Ice King. Ice King is a true Libra, a sign whose "favorite partnership is at home: marriage." But his desire to be paired up, as "for a Libra, everything is better if it's done as a pair," extends beyond the romantic into the realm of friendship as well as we see in "Playdate" when he and Abracadaniel become close friends and want to do everything together.

We can also see the Libra's "natural orientation toward seeking justice and fairness in society" in Ice King's frustration with the focus on secret societies in wizard culture in "Reign of Gunters" and "Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe!" And he shows "keen aesthetic sensibilities" as a drummer and as a writer of fanfiction.

When he shaves his beard and rebrands himself as "Nice King" in "Loyalty to the King" we see "classic Libra indecisiveness ... thwart [his] ability to make choices" among the many princesses who want to date him. As a Libra, he wants "to be inclusive, [and] find[s] it difficult to discriminate" and choose a princess to date.

Scorpio: Princess Bubblegum

Scorpios are "deeply committed to study and research," they "love to probe and know how to get to the bottom of things" and if that doesn't describe a scientist we don't know what does. Princess Bubblegum (aka PB), Ooo's preeminent scientific mind, is our Scorpio then. She's incredibly curious, sometimes dangerously so, as we see in "Slumber Party Panic" where her experiment leads to an attack by candy zombies.

We can see her be "receptive and patient, letting others play their cards and show their intentions first to better understand the emotional and psychological dynamics of [her] relationships" in her personal life and relationship with Marceline throughout the series, and especially in "Sky Witch." And after their relationship has been healed we see her "passionately bond ... heart and soul" to Marceline in episodes like "Broke His Crown" where she visits Ice King because he's important to Marcy.

In that same relationship though, we see PB be "slow to trust" and "slow to forgive" Marceline earlier in the series in "What Was Missing." In her more professional relationship with Flame Princess we see her fall into a "pessimistic ... worldview ... [leading] to ... paranoia" in "The Cooler" where it's revealed that she has been spying on Flame Princess (as well as many others), and she attempts to remove the necessary temperature control units from the Flame Kingdom's sleeping giants.

Sagittarius: Susan Strong

Sagittariuses "are truth-seekers," but unlike the detail-oriented Virgo or research loving Scorpio, Sags find "the best way for them to do this [truth seeking] is to hit the road, talk to others and get some answers." That's exactly what Susan Strong does in the "Islands" miniseries in which she searches for answers about her past. Even before that, we can see that "knowledge is key" for her in the episode that takes its name from her as she is excited to learn about everything that Finn and Jake share with her about the world.

In almost every episode she's in, we see Susan's optimism, "the primary strength of Sagittarius." When we learn about her past as a Seeker, the enforcers on the human island, in "Hide and Seek" we see her "passionately state [her] principles" regarding the rules of the island in "a bold, authoritative way of speaking." But later see her change her mind for her friend and "just as passionately [state her] new views" as the mutable Sagittarius is wont to do. In these new views we also see Susan "have a difficult time following the status quo or suffering what [she feels] to be false or inauthentic roles, ideas, or laws" as she opposes the rules she has been trained to uphold to help her friend escape.

Capricorn: Finn

Capricorns are "all about hard work," they "are extremely dedicated to their goals, almost to the point of stubbornness." They take "things one step at a time" and are as "pragmatic as possible." While these may not sound like the most exciting qualities, they're most embodied by lead hero Finn in "Adventure Time" and certainly become exciting when we consider that it's his dedication to his goals that allows him to literally build a tower into space in "The Tower."

While this dedication makes Finn the great adventurer that he is, he often has a hard time accepting that others are not as invested in his goals, "not understanding that others have different rhythms, values, and needs." In "Dungeon Train" we see Finn throw himself fully into the project of conquering every single enemy on the seemingly infinite (or at least circular) train and be unwilling to leave even as Jake loses interest. In "Vault of Bones" Finn tells Flame Princess that dungeon crawling helps him take his mind off things, but we see him struggle with letting her do things her own way struggling with "being myopically focused on [his own] goals."

Finn also grows a lot over the course of the series, showing that he, like many Capricorns, "gradually learn[s] to let go [of control] over the years." A large part of this is Finn's confronting memories in "the vault", where he puts the thoughts and experiences he doesn't want to deal with. The vault is Finn's way of hiding "pain ... behind a mask of self-sufficiency and dry humor" as Capricorns sometimes do.

Aquarius: Minerva

Aquariuses are "humanitarian, philanthropic, and keenly interested in making the world a better place ... visionaries, progressive souls who love to spend time thinking about how things can be better." Not only that, "they focus much of their energy on ... social institutions and how they work (or don't work)." There are of course a number of rulers in "Adventure Time" who seek to make things better for their subjects, but none of them have created as well-planned and organized a society as Finn's mother, Minerva.

In the "Islands" miniseries we learn that in the aftermath of a deadly virus's spread on the island, Minerva reorganized human society around herself and her "helpers," a legion of robots based on herself that any citizen of the island can approach and ask for help. This ability to see what was necessary and act highlights Minerva's ability to "operate in [her] communit[y] in an observant and impartial way."

However, as with many Aquarians, she becomes somewhat fixed on her rules, and sets "strict social boundaries." Greatest among those boundaries is the literal boundary of the island, that she does not allow any humans to leave, and doesn't want to let Finn leave once he has returned. Ultimately though, Finn is able to convince his mother to allow him to return to Ooo and the two are able to communicate through virtual reality, highlighting Minerva's "affinity for abstract thought [allowing her] to examine problems and innovate new solutions."

Pisces: Flame Princess

Sure there's an irony in Flame Princess being a water sign, but when you consider that "feelings define the Pisces" and those under the sign are "selfless, spiritual, and very focused on their inner journey" it makes sense. Flame Princess is one of the most emotionally mature characters on the show as we see in "The Red Throne" when she draws very clear boundaries with her ex Finn. We also see that she is a selfless ruler throughout her tenure on the throne of the Flame Kingdom, always striving for the best for her people and offering "help and healing support to anyone who is in need."

Her emotional maturity and selflessness sometimes lead her to "retreat into a meditative solitude to recharge and contemplate" as she does in "Frost & Fire" after Finn hurts her by pushing her to fight with Ice King. Finn's manipulation is also sadly made easier by the Pisces' susceptibility to "get easily wounded emotionally." Overwhelmingly, like many Pisces, Flame Princess "believe[s] in the good of others" as we see in "The Cooler" and "Earth & Water" when she gives Princess Bubblegum the benefit of the doubt even when it may have better served her to be more "discerning and discriminating."

We also get to see her act as both poet and musician, two common vocations for Pisces, through her rapping in "The Music Hole" and "Son of Rap Bear."